Red Alert Thalassaemia

Rotary Club of Calcutta Metro City organized a seminar at the Lincoln Room, American Centre in association with The Thalassaemia Society of India and American Centre entitled Red Alert Thalassaemia on the occasion of the World Thalassaemia Day which was on 8th May.

Speakers included Mr Utpal Panda, Hony Secretary, The Thalassaemia Society of India, who spoke about the problems faced by patients and technological advances made which have in turn increased average life span of Thalassaemic patients which again lead to need of support in form of resources.

Dr Ramendu Homchaudhuri spoke about Thalassaemia, it’s early symptoms, chances of transmission to progenies and how it can be avoided.

Mr Subhojit Roy as a volunteer and as a Rotarian having worked with thalassaemics for two and a half decades spelt out that mobilising resources is the primary task of Rotary and similar organizations. He spoke about ignorance about Thalassaemia and pitfalls and problems of celebrity endorsements. He also said that corporate partnerships and Government legislation to make blood transfusion is very important for eradication of thalassaemia.

The entire proceedings were conducted by Past District Governor Shyamashree Sen. Also present were Mr James Dragon Public Affairs Officer who welcomed the guest and Dr Sushanta Banerjee, Director American Resource Centre.