Recent advances in Otolaryngology


The 10th MIDAOICON 2017 has been held on 26th & 27th August-2017 at KPC Medical College Kolkata. It is a large National Meet of ENT Specialist Doctors before AOICON 2018, the Annual National Conference of ASSOCIATION of OTOLARYNGOLOGISTS of India (AOI).

AOI is the largest platform of India for otolaryngologists, the super specialist doctors of Otolaryngology, the branch of Medical Science which deals with the treatment & prevention of the diseases of ear, nose & throat of human being. DR. Dwaipayan Mukherjee, DR. Dulal Basu, DR. AM Saha, DR Debashis Guha, DR. Tarun palit and almost all the renowned ENT Surgeons of West Bengal have been present to the meet.

Dwaipayan Mukherjee has said that after successful arrangement of 69th AOICON, the Annual National Conference of AOI, AOI West Bengal has been proud to arrange such National Conference in Kolkata in the same year. They have also proud to the presence of DR. Deepak Haldipur, the Presedent of AOI, DR, Ravi Ramalingam of Chennai, DR. S. P. Dubey and DR. Sameer Bhargav along with some other legendary figures of otolaryngologists.

‘Less pollution and prevention and treatment of diseases related pollution and recovery of deafness from pollution’ is the theme of this prestigious National Conference. Pollution is not only a Global Hazard but also it is a growing problem in our country too.  Allergy and the diseases of ear, nose and throat (ENT) have been increased day by day due to pollution. It is also proved that our auditory system has been affected mostly by the noise pollution in the urban regions. Due to increased pollution, otolaryngological diseases have been increased in geometric progressionMass awareness is very much necessary along with legal action for decrease of pollution. To increase the mass awareness on pollution and its solution, such conference is very much necessary..

Mukherjee has said that Live demonstration and training of the various new evidence based scientific method of treatments,highly interactive live surgical workshops and discussion on the latest techniques of the treatments of common as well as rare ENT diseases are the major attraction of this conference. It will be a big academic feast rich in scientific content.Some topics like surgery of Head & neck cancer, thyroid tumor, image guided endoscopic operation, strobscopy and many others among the live demonstration and training of the various new evidence based scientific method of treatments are very much unique and important.