Rakesh Roshan in legal trouble

Mumbai bureau.While Krrish 3 went on to do record breaking business at the box office, the film seems to have been caught up in a legal controversy, almost three years after its release. Krrish 3 that released in November 2013, has found itself in the midst of a plagiarism controversy. The said complaint has been filed by a certain author named Roop Narayan Shankar.

The Dehradun based Roop claims that the plotline of Krrish 3 is stolen from his 2010 book ‘Suardan’ and hence has filed a complaint against the director-producer under the Copyright act. Claiming that Rakesh Roshan hasn’t undergone the procedure of asking permission before using it in his film, the writer also added that his novel ‘Suardan’ had characters where the man and animal are infused together to become a character, that he likes to call ‘Manwar’ (Man+Janwar). Several characters fromKrrish 3 too were a combination of animal and man including Kangna Ranaut who played a chameleon. It has also been learnt that Roop has submitted a copy of his novel along with complaint against the Roshans but the members of Roshan family have maintained a staunch silence. Rakesh Roshan, as of now, has stated that he cannot discuss the matter since it’s in sub-judice.