Raj Kundra:From a Pashmina trader to a multifaceted business tycoon

Young Leaders Forum, an exclusive forum of young achievers from varied industries and an initiative by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, today organised an interactive session with Mr. Raj Kundra, the multifaceted business tycoon, on his unconventional entrepreneurial journey. This interactive session, conducted by Mr Keshav Bhajanka, the Chairman of Young Leaders Forum, was intended at building confidence and leadership skills amongst the young professionals of the forum.

Through this interactive session with Mr Kundra, YLF provided an effective platform for the budding entrepreneurs of the city to be conscious of the various challenges & avenues available for starting new business ventures. He discussed his journey from being a drop out from college at the age of 18 to becoming a successful business tycoon. He also guided the young professionals about the risks and rewards of this unusual entrepreneurial journey and the unconventional routes that he had chosen in his life.

Mr Raj Kundra, being an ambitious entrepreneur, saw countless hardships in his career. His journey to become a successful entrepreneur had never been easy. His struggle, hard work, patience and that unmeasurable passion to create a difference in the industry to belong where he is today.

According to Mr Raj Kundra “Its pleasure to be in Kolkata and speak to young entrepreneurs and businessmen.  The sheer energy, exchange of ideas and the potential of the people thrill me. I can see the willingness of people to take the road less travelled, convert those into business opportunities, take risk and make a mark for themselves. ICC – YLF as a platform is going to add a lot of value to the young and budding entrepreneurs”.

The aim of this talk show was to motivate the young entrepreneurs from across Kolkata by creating opportunities for profound insight through sharing experience and networking. This was also a positive effort to recognise the stellar contribution of visionary forerunners & intrepid innovators from different domains and industries.

‘The Young Leaders Forum’ is the result of a sincere effort at Indian Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) end to recognize the hopes, aspirations and visions of the younger generation. These young professionals and young achievers of this forum are drawn from varied fields of business and industry. Further to this, ‘Young Leaders Forum’ is also a platform for serious networking along with hosting social and interactive sessions with eminent achievers, who have set an example in their respective areas of excellence.

Mr Keshav Bhajanka, Chairman of Young Leaders Forum said, “This is a unique platform which gives a lot of exposure to the budding entrepreneurs of Kolkata. It’s our constant endeavour to bring the best of the business world to guide the young minds. Today’s talk show with Mr Raj Kundra is one of the events and going forward we will see many more such events.