RACPA to promote the education of performing arts


Recently, Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts (RACPA) was inaugurated and began the new Academic session for the year 2019-20 in the gracious presence of Mr Shailik Bhaumik , Dean and Chairman of RACPA & also a film maker, Mr Sujoy Biswas , CEO , Techno India University and a Motivational speaker , Mr Debgopal Mondal, Eminent Film and TV Serial Director (Nisiddho Bratakatha, Come Cross the line, Chayapath, Ram Charit), Mr Arindam Bhattacharjee , Eminent Cinematographer and DOP, Mr Triptayan Chatterjee , Documentary Film maker.

Royal Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts is one of its own kind of only Performing Arts School in Kolkata, which is a nonprofit venture of Royal Society of Television and Motion Pictures association, having the afflation from the top leading institution of the world like Cambridge University, IMDB, Film Society Lincoln Centre , ICA and HLC Pictures.

Mr Shailik Bhaumik, Dean and Chairman of RACPA said on the occasion, “We founded this institute to promote the work of independent film makers, train the new talents in the field of cinematic arts and as well as to spread the education about films. The mission and vision of RACPA is to promote the education of the performing arts so that more and more students who are having passion to grow in the area of performing arts get a right industry-oriented training and exposure to go ahead in fulfilling their dreams with 100% job assistance.”                                                

The Board of the Directors and Faculties of this performing arts institute comprises of award-winning writers, directors, producers and artist from all over the world.

RACPA offers 3 months and 6 months certificate courses on Acting, Film Direction, Scriptwriting, Cinematography, Editing, make up, fashion photography with industry driven course module and classes by the industry mentors with an opportunity of beginning their works through the in-house short films of RACPA.

Eminent film fraternities like Goutam Ghosh, Chandan Sen, Rita Dutta Roy, Sabitri Chattopadhyay, Papia Adhikari, Arindam Bhattacharjee, Moubani Sorcar are associated with the institute as Mentors and well-wishers.