Qyura-one point solution for all health and medical needs.


Siddhant Jatia__

Medicraft Technologies Pvt Ltd has diversified into the business of E-Healthcare. This comes from the legacy of the group, which started with the incorporation of French Motor Car Company Limited in 1905. Having partnered with Tata Motors in 1954 and having an established business relationship with them for over 62 years now, the Group then expanded into Healthcare Diagnostic in 2005 and later making Kolkata’s best boutique hotel in 2011 known as Hotel Casa Fortuna. Medicraft Technologies Pvt Ltd, was incorporated this year in January, to offer themselves as Key Aggregators, a platform for generating new opinions and enable desired services of Healthcare at the finger-tips of citizens. Through an extensive Research, it was assessed that there was need for a proper aggregation of all health services, so that the citizens can make best use of communication medium as Technology, available in their smart phones or even computers. The philosophy hovers around: ‘Better Health, Better Society, Better Tomorrow, Better India’. Medicraft Technologies Pvt Ltd. would shortly launch one of its services in form of App as well as portal version under the Brand name Qyura™, which was conceptualised by its Director Mr.Siddhant Jatia. Siddhant is the fourth generation entrepreneur. He is a strong believer of the philosophy – “Progress is the law of Nature and we should contribute to the same to refrain stagnation”. Abhijit Ganguly spoke to Siddhant Jatia.

Q) What prompted you to diversify into the e-Healthcare sector ?

A) Any new product or concept that is born is a result of an unsatisfied need or an unsolved problem. We were able to identify a number of issues in regards to the Healthcare Industry that nobody was addressing. Some of the key problems we tried solving through our platform focused on customers/patients taking informed decisions when it came to heath care. Also, we noticed a vacuum in the technology space where no platform was available aggregating the entire Healthcare Industry, giving users a one point solution for all their health and medical needs.

From the business perspective, we were about to enter into a concoction of 2 industries, one of which is gaining prominence by the day as more and more people are adopting technology for their everyday needs (E- Commerce) and the other was a need based Industry which is a part of the essential services category (Healthcare Industry).
Q) Qyura is India’s one-of-its-kind 360-degree Market Aggregator for the Healthcare Industry. Please explain.

A) ‘Qyura’ pronounced as ‘Cura’ meaning cure in Spanish, addresses all the primary needs of a user when it comes to Healthcare under one platform (Web + Mobile Application). The platform lists service providers ranging from Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Doctors to Pharmacies, and Ambulance Providers to even Blood Banks. We not only enable a user to take informed decisions but also allow him to transact in most of the cases.
Q) Patients typically use apps when they are alone at home. Not everyone is able to operate them; older patients, in particular, have a hard time. How user-friendly interface do you all have?

A) ‘Qyura’ allows a user to list the necessary details of their family members. We believe, in our Country it is generally a family member or friend who does the necessary arrangements at the time of a medical need/emergency. It rare happens that the patient themselves makes the necessary arrangements.
However, Healthcare being a very critical segment, made it imperative for us to create a platform which was User-friendly. We built the user interface in a manner, which addressed all age groups above 16 years. Any person who knows how to read Basic English can navigate through our Website and Application without seeking any help. We have conducted various researches across various age groups, out of which a few people were not at all ‘Tec-savvy’, but the outcome of the same reinstated that our platform was very user friendly.
Q) How are you planning to reach to the grassroot level where language is a barrier?

A)To begin with, we are launching the Website and Application in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore where language isn’t a very big barrier. However, in times to come, we will be giving our users the flexibility to change the language to their native language for their better understanding.
Q) Do you believe  eHealth is a key pillar of Digital India?

A) As we all know, there is a gap of 1.5 to 2 million Doctors in India currently and Healthcare Infrastructure development is among the key focus areas for the Government. On one hand, we need to focus in making good the shortfall at the earliest, but we should also realize that with the luxury of technology, we could easily connect the citizens at large to the available Medical Service Providers.

eHealth without an iota of doubt is definitely one of the key pillars of Digital India. We at Qyura, have initiated partnerships’ with Government Hospitals too, which is bound to make the lives of the citizens at large much easier and help us in catering to all sections of the society.
Q) What are your future plans and your strategy to achieve them?
A) After Launching in Mumbai,Kolkata and Bangalore, we plan on spreading our wings over Delhi(NCR), Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai etc. We will be partnering up with Young and Dynamic people in two and three tier Cities to enable us reach and serve each and every citizen of this Country. After covering the major markets in India, we plan to take Qyura overseas.