Questioning and searching for the answer


More we desire to come close, more we become distant. Our urge to achieve leads us to failure. Gradually we fall. Fall into dark solitude. We envy each other, grow fiercer. Deep disappointment engulfs us. We spit purple venom. It is the fact despite we boast on being “True Theatrician!” We deny being ordinary and suffer from the pain of inability to become extraordinary. We are trapped within ourselves. Questioning and searching for the answer. We are losing languages. We are losing ourselves. We are..

Performer -Tapan Das

Director – Supriyo Samajdar


Duratara dip (Distant island)
The play is inspired from the poem Suchetana by Jibanananda Das, In this play we try to search the meaning of our existence , our struggle , our dream as an artist and also as a human being, in our society.
Here is the few lines of the poem –
You‘re a distant island, Suchetona,
near the afternoon star;
where among the sugarcanes, there’s
solitude to be had.
The wars and bloody triumphs of this earth
are true; but the last word they aren’t.
Calcutta will be given swirling grace
one day, and you my heart.
Today, walking in the harsh sun of noon
trying to give the people of the earth
love, I have found perhaps the dead
bodies of my brothers, sisters, friends
killed by my own hand.
The earth is very ill now very ill.
Yet we are indebted to the earth.
THE GROUP: Bibhaban was founded in 1996 as an experimental theatre group by director
Supriyo Samajdar at Kolkata, India. The primary inspiration of Bibhaban’s experimentation are from Jerzy Grotowski and Badal Sircar’s works. Bibhaban’s works can be categorized as open theatre and intimate theatre. Every performance includes improvisations. Bibhaban works on breaking the barriers between audience and the performers, as sometimes, visuals and co-existence are inseparable for the actors and audiences. Bibhaban has collaborated with lots of eminent theatre practitioners and artists from India and abroad.
ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: Born in 1969 in India,Founded Bibhaban, an experimental theatre
company in Kolkata, in December 1996 and has been directing, writing plays and leading it since.Since 2002 Samajdar is running his research project Journey” on Mukta Natya (Open Theatre), exploring the relationship between a spectator and a performer .
He participated in Regula contra Regulam, research project of Teatro La Madrugada, in Brzezinka (Poland) in 2008.His research paper” in search of a new form -open theatre” was selected for a international symposium-“Language(s) of Theatre”, organized by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and the Indian Society for Theatre Research (ISTR). In January 2009, “Grotowski – Alongside – Around – Ahead” at the University of Kent in Canterbury (England) in June 2009 and has been selected at the “Indian Drama in the Culture of Occident”. International Conference organized by Department of Drama and Theatre University of Lodz, Poland in March, 2011