Purvanchal Janta Party ( Secular ) believes that quality education is a panacea for all the ills

The state executive of west Bengal of  Purvanchal Janta Party ( Secular ) held a press conference to brief the  media about its preparation for General Election 2019. The chief speaker in the Press Conference was the party’s National Convener Shri  Mukesh Singh who came today from New Delhi to address the local media. Mr. Singh has informed that his party is going to field its candidates in all over India in 347 Constituencies including the 42 constituencies of West Bengal. Since the party believes in the ideology of Shri Subhash Chandra Bose who had been anointed as the Prophet of Freedom and National Courage in a public assembly called by the party at Ramlila Ground, in New Delhi on 5th March 2017. Party believes in an egalitarian society, thus promoting National Brotherhood among the Citizens across the Caste , Creed , Region and Languages . speaking from the dais Mr. Singh also emphasized the fair electoral participation of the masses in order to strengthen the participatory democracy in the country. Party believes that quality education is a panacea for all the ills which the nation is facing now a days. The education system prevalent in our country is not up to the mark, that is why , voters are prone to the gimmicks of the politicians. People are divided on caste lines , polarized on religion line. Our party’s chief motto is to bring the people at a common platform so they will play as an instrument of change, which is the need of the hour. That is why we see our party as a third option in the country beyond BJP and Mahagathbandhan.
The National General Secretary Mrs. Indrani Guha has expressed her deep concern about the political situations in India especially after the pulwama sucided bomber attack in which our 42 CRPF personal were brutally killed followed by non military strike by Indian Air Force at the terrorist camp at Balakot and its adjoining areas in Pakistan. She profusely thanks the daredevil axe of Indian forces and assures the nation that security of the country is in the hands of one of the finest armies of the world, i.e. Indian Army.  She also advised the countrymen not to be swayed away by any rumor, which is detrimental to the unity and integrity of the nation. She further expressed her confidance that her party will perform very well in Eastern States from west Bengal to Arunachal in coming parliamentary general election 2019.
On this occasion, the State President of the party Mrs. Juthika Das also addressed the media. She expressed her unhappiness over the functioning of present establishment in West Bengal where according to her there is neither democracy nor freedom of expression. She pointed out several past incidences in Bengal where freedom of expression has been casualty. Here she was hinting the farmers arrest for asking the question to the Chief Minister and a professor who was jailed for circulating present chief minister’s cartoon. She further said that in a healthy democracy, decent is consider to be virtue. The democracy is always based on the pillars of decent, discussion and dialogues. In absence of these things one can’t say that there is democracy.  It is a hard fact in today’s Bengal. The education system of Bengal is in ruins. The TET scam was never resolved , where candidates securing higher marks were not selected as ranked list was changed and those even if getting much lesser marks were selected as they were TMC supporters. This became quite common in all colleges too and TMC student union charged rupees 5000 – 30000 (sometimes even 1 Lakh ) from each student and manipulated the rank list. This practice is significantly curbed now after the central government ordered process of online admission through a centralized system (  like JEE / NEET ).  Though, the TMC members severely opposed this, sensing public anger they were forced to accept it. Soon after many TMC student Union Leaders and Members were caught red handed in front of Media during taking bribes to ensure selection of even meritorious students. She lamented that how the land of great intellect and wisdom of yester years turned into a land of illiterate and goons. She stressed that her party is determined to bring back the past glory of the Bengal.
Speaking further Mr. Chandranath Baral, the west bengal State General Secretary has invited the attention of media about the pathetic situation of employment opportunities in the State. According to him employment generation is sparse. He reminded media that how some years back a report stated that for the post of a peon 250 candidates applied with the degree of Doctorate ( i.e. the were researchers ). Even if somebody gets employment, still there miseries are not over. Most government employees are not given salary properly, many even have their salary due for a month or two or three.
Mr. Baral further said that corruption is the hallmark of the present government. Leave aside, the mega scams like Sharda, Narda etc. which have already drawn the world’s attention and country in particular. But the small corruptions which are taking place on daily basis have not drawn much attention of the people. For example, in recent past three bridges have collapsed and every time the previous government is blamed, but the truth is that there is no maintenance done at all. Every 3 – 4 months the bridges and other structures ( like buildings ) are painted blue and white, and that’s all. Another interesting coincidence is that the company which supplies these blue and white paints are owned by none other than the nephew of our CM. also this company not selected through Tenders, as our CM doesn’t like Tenders in these cases. It means all the government money collected from our taxes goes to our CM’s nephews company. This is the situation. Our party intends to overhaul the current situation of the state through transparent measures. That is why we appeal to the youth of Bengal to join our party in droves and be the agent of the change.
At this press conference the state convener Mr. Binod Bharti was also present and he criticized the present minority appeasement policy of the government. He said that he is going to spread the message of the party to the each hook and nook of the Bengal.
The North Bengal Convener Mr. Hanuman Prasad Aggarwal said that he has immense hope that the people of Bengal will accept the Purvanchal Janta Party (Secular) with open arms since the party is following the ideology of Netaji Shri Subhash Chandra Bose, the prophet of Freedom and National Courage.
At last the elderly member of the party Mr. Aggarwal extended the vote of thanks to all media personnel and the party workers who were present in the press conference.