Psycho- social aspects of cancer and scientific advances in CML

CML is a kind of blood cancer that can affect at any age, any sex  with no lifestyle risk factors. Two decades ago this was a dreadful cancer which required bone marrow transplant for cure. Then came targeted therapy, IMATINIB which changed the scenario. CML became a chronic disease.

With new cases adding every year the prevalence of this disease in the community is very high. The youths have concerns of their family life , career and uncertainty of future.


Dr Shilpa Bhartia, Consultant Haemato-Oncologist  of Parkview Super Speciality hospital and Trustee of R P Bhartia Leukaemia foundation along with Bengal society of Haematology, brings together the specialists of the city to discuss the psycho- social aspects of cancer and scientific advances in CML , so that these young patients feel supported and recognize how to deal with side effects of medication and be aware of the latest advances in the treatment.


22nd September ( 22/9 ) is considered to be the world CML day due to a very interesting reason . The translocation of 22 and 9 number chromosomes in our DNA is the main cause of CML . “YOUNG CML FORUM” has been developed for the first time in eastern India , where patients and doctors will register and have meaningful discussions , and share stories together . This is on a digital platform including website and also in facebook groups.


The first CML awareness program is conducted with more than 60 CML patients with all the relevant topics of CML including , psycho- social aspects of CML , like whether they can get married ?? Whether they can have kids ?? or complex topics like latest in clinical trials and role of Bone Marrow Transplantation. Questions on fertility and pregnancy were addressed.