Promising Karate students from the slums gets a helping hand

With girls becoming more conscious and vigilant about their safety after the Delhi gang-rape, most of them are turning towards training in self-defence techniques.

Ayesha Noor  ,under the guidance of her coach  M A Ali  is providing training in self-defence to poor girls from the slums free of cost. Despite being epileptic and coming from a slum , Ayesha has bagged three gold medals at the international level and two at the national level in Karate  and recently, was awarded with  “Hero For Gender Equality,” from the American Government.

While addressing the gathering M A Ali  stressed the need for karate as a holistic exercise for mind body and soul. “The horrifying Delhi incident has triggered panic among students. To infuse confidence and help them muster courage, we thought we should start free karate training camp” said M A Ali .

M A Ali feels these girls have the potential to become  future world champions . Unfortuantely , most of these girls have won state championships by borrowing karate dress from others. Sk. Golam Rabbani of National Crime Control Bureau lend his helping hands by buying them their karate dress.

Sk. Golam Rabbani “A dangerous environment is becoming a more common concern for girls and women. Nationally, more rape cases are reported each year. Girls should learn karate because when they learn it, they acquire self-confidence, self-control, and become strong.”

Apart from karate the girls  are also initiated into meditation session.