Peace rally – Mother Teresa remembered on her 21st death anniversary

Mother Teresa taught us that true inner peace comes from following the greatest of all religions – Humanity.

Mother Teresa, known as the “saint of the gutters” during her life, was made a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Mother Theresa conveyed one simple but powerful message – love and compassion.

In honour of Mother Teresa on her 21st  death Anniversary an Universal Peace Rally was  organised by  the Indian Karate Association  with co operation of Mmissionary of Charity, Kolkata Police , St Teresa of Avila  Church, All Faith Forum, Mother teresa  Memorial Peace Committee , All India Minority Forum , Qari Ahmer Foundation, Moor Avenue Bauddha Samity and World Mixed Martial Art Council.

It was attended by Hon’ble MP Idris Ali, Ayesha Noor ( World Karate Champion), Shehyar Ali Mirza, Gen Sec All Faith Forum, Dr Arun Jyoti Bhikku, Chief Buddhist Priest , Munni kr Maharaj, Dr Suresh Agarwal, etc.

Not only religious leaders , but common people also voluntarily took part in the peace rally, which according to them, is the need of the hour for global peace and a message against religious fundamentalism.

The religious leaders from various faiths urged everyone to understand the importance of retaining peace and harmony in the world. They said that the everyone can contribute immensely for mainlining peace in the country as it is directly related to the development and prosperity of the nation.

M A Ali said “As Mother Teresa had internationally promoted peace, the rally will also get motivated us for helping each other and walk in her way for the development of the nation. If we achieve even one percent of Mother’s greatness then we shall feel ourselves blessed.”

He added “Countries don’t go to war. The leaders of countries go to war. So the leaders should talk across the table and sort out their differences.Time has come when world should make serious efforts for nuclear weapon-free world. Wars in recent years have rendered large areas uninhabitable and generated tens of millions of refugees. Everyone must be committed in the matter of peace, to do everything that they can ….Peace is the language we must speak.”

MP Idris Ali demanded for an international airport to be named after Mother Teresa. Last year Jillian Haslam was given the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award.