The medium to move ahead equally by bringing together the under developed village with the developed town/cities is the information & technology (IT). Modern generation is lifeless without the IT.  The medium to combine the senior citizens with the Gen-Y is also the IT. We, the FAIDA… has already started to use local need based   IT in Village, Agriculture, Agro-economy, small & medium production system, rural culture, reconstruction of village society etc and we want to expand it rapidly.  We, the FAIDA…. believe in decentralised management and decentralised economy and so we manage our overall activities accordingly. Overall development (physical, mental, spiritual and economical ) of the society is not possible either by one man, one family, one organisation or one Government alone—- we, FAIDA  believe it and if any person, family, establishment, organisation as well as any Government  who believe like us can join with us in our project—“ One step forward towards the economic independence—- coexistence of Village & Town”—definitely with their own entity and identity.

*** 1st Initiative—

Each and every village of our Rural India has a unique entity and identity— it may be based upon its agriculture or some other points. It has some special characteristics which separate one village from another. There is not only an intimacy between the families of a village; they have the love & affection between them.  These special characteristics must be known to the world, that too in accordance with their choice, to the people who left the village either on professional or matrimonial grounds, to the next generation. Every one shall feel the village regularly. Nowadays it is very much possible through technology. Every village shall create a page in the name of the village on the Face Book. If any village wants the help of FAIDA for creating the page, FAIDA shall extend their support positively. FAIDA shall transfer the power of Admin to the designated villager. Some examples are given below:–

  • Poison Free Nandagram Movement (existing face book page)
  • Poison free Kashipur Movement (existing face book page)
  • Poison free Gopalnagar Movement (existing face book page)
  • Poison Free Azimganjgola Movement (existing face book page)
  • Poison Free Kankasai Movement (existing face book page)
  • Poison Free chhoto jamuya Movement (existing face book page)
  • Poison Free Bhagolpur Movement
  • Poison Free Milk Movement
  • Poison Free koilash Nagar Movement
  • Poison free Rijul Movement
  • Poison free Seven Sisters Movement

***2nd Initiative—

Our Urban India is expanding regularly by transforming the rural India, more specifically by converting the cultivating land. We shall not be able to revert back those lands for agriculture. In such a situation the vacant spaces available around our house and the roof of the house can be used for growing short time vegetable. Many of our friends are using their Balcony, Lawn and roof for growing Patabahar, various Flowers and Cactus. In this places we want to grow some time bound fruits or vegetables, obviously poison free, depending upon the condition and advantages, in a planned manner. We have named the project as “ Our poison free roof top movement”. We shall also create a Face Book page in the name of the house owner jointly with the spouse. Face Book page of Shri Shyamal Bhattacharya can be cited as an example in this initiative.

Main reasons for the initiative are —

  • To remain associated with the traditional agriculture which is as old as thousands of years.
  • To grow some respect about the Agriculture and the people associated with agriculture.
  • To recycle the drainage water, with the help of Local Body, or State or Central Government, for using it in the roof for the “poison free kitchen garden”. In near future we may have to further recycling of the water for making it drinkable.  The effect of this project is ever lasting. Storage of water, preservation of water and recycling of water is very much essential and it is to be extended not only in every house but also to the persons of every religion cast and creed, directly.
  • With the help of Local Body, or State or Central Government and at the advice of the researchers, the solid waste(soil portion) of the drainage may be recycled, restructured, adding with some other substances or by decomposing or any others means, to make it usable in our project  “poison free kitchen garden”. This project is still under assessment of the researchers.
  • There is no need of elaborate discussion on the utility of our projects mentioned at para 3 and 4 above. Starting from new work generation to the value addition to the rural life, conservation of environment and ecosystem, the rural society shall fix their social direction. They will also change their social condition in their own.  We FAIDA, for accomplishing its social responsibility, shall promote those projects through face book / Youtube on line TV regularly.

*** 3rd Initiative——

Some of our journalist friends have started on line TV on Youtube in Bengali, Hindi & English like Pranam TV and Dharitri TV. They will also help the village as well as villagers engaged in the movement of “Poison frees our Roof Top movement “by creating the pages in the ‘Face Book’.     Both channels shall act as the media partner between the village and the family.

FAIDA shall request their journalist friends to produce a programme in the name of “Mera  gaon, mera garab” where the villagers shall  directly express their views on their Economic, Social, (not political), Cultural projects. It will help to create a bonding between the village and the non resident villagers of that particular village. The programme shall promote the Non Residential Villagers day as well as the economical development of the village. Similarly the people of city shall also promote their Economic, Social, (not political), Cultural projects. Our friends have given their informal consent in respect to our proposal and they have already started their initiative.

*** 4th Initiative——-

Main problem of the producers of the Rural India, those who are actually small producers, is the marketing of their products by value addition to make it contemporary. Particularly they are failing to attract the new generation of the Digital India—either as the seller or as a buyer. That’s why FAIDA, the journalists of Pranam TV and Dharitri TV have started e-commerce.[exists] – here every village, the parents of the producers, the producer himself and the group who has helped the producer, are the brand. The buyer shall be able to know the name of the producer, his address, the history/process of production etc. There is no place for a singular brand. Decentralisation of branding also—the producer is honoured directly. “We all are King in our own Kingdom”.

This project is the duet / joint venture of the Economic, Social, (not political), Cultural projects of the Rural and Urban India. Smart City and Smart village shall co-exist and shall be complimentary to each other. Both will develop concurrently. Villagers along with their parents, children and all other family members, shall be able to enjoy the advantages of the Towns, sitting on the village itself.