One legged Anjali living her dream

Anjali Roy performing at Rabindra Sadan-44th Anniversary of SGCC&RI
An eleven year old schoolgirl who had her leg amputated after suffering from a bone cancer has defied the odds to become a competitive dancer.
 Dancing was something Anjali Roy wanted to do professionally, but her life has taken her in a direction she never could’ve imagined.   Anjali was diagnosed with bone cancer.  She was admitted at the Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute .The doctors were forced to amputate the part of the girl’s leg.  Anjali’s mother Rita said“It was shocking, heartbreaking, scary, and unnerving and so many other emotions – all at the same time.”
This didn’t dampen the spirits of Anjali. Not learnt to give up, the girl started her real life afresh and achieved unthinkable. Anjali says, “What motivated me to dance was the thought of dancing again because I just wanted to dance” Her teacher trains her to dance with one leg. She uses the artificial leg only to walk. Recently she performed during the 44th Anniversary celebration of Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute. It is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to providing cancer management at an affordable cost along with carrying on cancer based research activities.Anjali is a die heart fan of Bengali actor Dev and wants to meet him oneday!
Inauguration of 44th Anniversary Celebration of SGCC&RI at Rabindra Sadan
Dr Arnab Gupta, Director, Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute said,”
Losing a limb is painful enough for any human being. Anjali’s courage, hope and triumph make us realize that life is about more than just how you look. Anjali is an example of how, when you’ve got nothing more to lose, how do you start winning? And it is a lesson to those of us who may not have lost any part of our bodies, but need a good inspirational story to motivate us to follow our dreams.”
Anjali’s courage and persistence is admirable!