On wheels of adventure




Sakib Mahmud is a young  traveler, cyclist from Bangladesh.  Follow your heart on the bicycle is the mantra of this young man. Abhijit Ganguly speaks with Sakib Mahmud.

What do you like most about cycling?

Cycling is eco friendly. We need just physical energy and don’t omit any CO2 to environment.

What was the first place you took your bike and what was your experience?

The first place where I took my bike was in a Sea beach. At that point of time my feeling was beyond the world. As if I had conquered the world!

How do you prepare yourself for a ride? What are the essentials you wouldn’t leave without?

First of all I make myself fit and my bike fit for the ride. Then I make a plan according to the route. And obviously make a list of attractive places on the way of the cycling route. The essentials that I don’t leave without are mobile, wallet, helmet, gloves and toolkits.


Any funny travel story you would like to share with us?

In the year 2014, I participated in a joint venture ride of Bangladesh and England. That time one of us had to ride in funny mode. For instance without keeping hand on handlebar like the bird, sometimes without paddle.

What’s the hardest bit of cycling you’ve had to do and why?

Hardest ride was in 2015. I wanted to climb highest mountain of Bangladesh.  The condition was not good. Actually I took a challenge with 2 of my friends. We must go. But later it turned out to be a bad decision.  Landfall, earthquakes in hill, completely broken road, rain, thunderstorm that was horrible.
Furthermore at last didn’t get permit to climb for few restrictions.


Do you have a dream cycle route you’d like to complete?

Manali-Leh is a dream route and also Uturunchu, Bolivia highest cyclable road in the world.