Ola partners with bars and pubs in Kolkata to promote ‘Do Not Drink and Drive’ initiative


Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation has partnered with several bars and pubs across the city of Kolkata such as Nocturne, What’s In D Name, Black Lounge, and Monkey Bar as a part of the continued initiative to curb drunk driving. As a part of the partnership, special kiosks have been set up outside these bars and pubs to discourage people to drive under the influence of alcohol and facilitate them to ride with an Ola and reach home safe.

The number of deaths due to road accidents has continuously been on the rise. Today, Indian roads account for the highest fatalities in the world. While over-speeding and careless or dangerous driving cause the maximum number of deaths in road accidents, drunk driving remains one of the leading causes. Supported by pubs across the city, the initiative aims to create mass awareness around drunken driving among pub-goers and will promote safe road practices.

As a part of this initiative, besides the kiosks, these bars and pubs will also proactively promote responsible drinking in their premise through eye-catching messages. The creative will have a common message around the theme ‘PeekeMatChala’, encouraging pub-goers to take a cab home after a night out instead of driving under the influence of alcohol. The patrons will also be offered merchandise in the bar carrying Ola’s#PeekeMatChala slogan and will be provided with discount vouchers to ensure they plan a safe travel option to return home.


Ola’s #PeekeMatChala initiative was launched last year to encourage party-goers on New Year’s Eve to promote safe road practices and was awarded one of the best responsible drinking campaigns of 2016.

Speaking on the Initiative, Akhil Meshram, General Manager at Ola said, “Our endeavor is to lead initiatives that positively impact the society. We have been working with key stakeholders such as the local police, NGOs, and bars and pubs to raise awareness around responsible drinking and are glad that a lot of people are using our service as an alternative to ensure that they don’t drink and drive. We are happy to extend our initiative on responsible drinking in Kolkata and keen to play a proactive role in promoting the use of alternates that can help curb road accidents caused due to drunk driving.”


Anshuman Singh, Director at Nocturne and What’s In D Name said, “We are thrilled to be a part of this unique initiative with Ola where we can now encourage thousands of our patrons to take a safe ride back home in an Ola instead of driving under the influence of alcohol. By providing them with this alternative, we will be helping in ensuring that our roads and cities remain safer. This is an important initiative that will help curb drunken driving across the city and we urge more and more bars to join hands and promote the same.#PeekeMatChala should be the message put up across all bar and pubs.”

Ola has been spearheading several campaigns for safe rides and safer roads across the country. Recently, Ola worked with the Delhi Police and Bartalk to initiate a ‘Do Not Drink and Drive’ initiative in Delhi. Last year, Ola partnered with Hauz Khas Village Association to encourage patrons and visitors of leading pubs and bars in Hauz Khas Village to take a safe and specially discounted Ola cab ride after a night out with friends along with breath analyzers’ that checked alcohol levels. In Bengaluru also, Ola has partnered with the Government of Karnataka to install kiosks that would check alcohol consumption limit of visitors of popular pubs in the city along with facilitating cab bookings. Ola aims to continue to initiate similar initiatives across other key cities in the country.