NSA to impart the most potent tools for success in the 21st century: self confidence


Public speaking is the process of designing and delivering a message to an audience. Effective public speaking involves understanding your audience and speaking goals, choosing elements for the speech that will engage your audience with your topic, and delivering your message skillfully. For youngsters looking to ready themselves for the real world, public speaking is a must.

Recently, Inter School Public Speaking championship was held at The Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, State Youth Centre to celebrate the launch of National Speaking Academy in India.Founded in 2015 by Jillian Haslam, the National Speaking Academy has been keen to impart quality communication skills upon a wide range of people. These include students, the young members of society and professionals.The judges for the Finals were :Mr. Michael Robertson, Distinguished Executive & Philanthropist Mrs. Melody D’Rosario – Senior Teacher of English and Honorary Secretary of the DWFCS, Calcutta Diocese.Mr. Shane Calvert – Member of The Legislative Assembly, West Bengal & Vice Chairman, Board of Management, Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong. Mr. Janardan Ghosh, Ast. Lecturer, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Performing Artist & storyteller. 12 schools participated and the winner received Rs. 100,000/-.

Jillian Haslam said,“The motivation behind my establishing the various charities, all of which are married in a way to the National Speakers Academy is because I’m all too aware that feeding fish to the people in itself is not enough. We need to teach them how to catch fish as that is the most surefire way to ensure they make something of themselves and go on to change the world in their own small ways.”

Jillian adds, “It’s an amazing feeling just thinking about it: from growing up on the streets myself to helping kids going through the kind of deprived childhood that I went through by setting up a charity not just for them, but also other underprivileged members of society: the old, the disabled, the youth and women in need. A kind of feeling that would be hard to describe in words other than just to say it brings sheer joy into my heart knowing that I can help transform someone’s life positively. I have been blessed with an incredible team that helps me teach these members of society how to fish by ensuring they get a formal education. And not just that: we also make it a point of imparting upon them one of the most potent tools for success in the 21st century: self confidence!!