‘New Beginnings’ from Manyavar – celebrate each new occasion in a New Kurta



Manyavar, India’s leading brand in men’s ethnic wear, has recently launched its new ad campaign ‘New Beginnings’. The campaign encapsulates the very spirit of Manyavar – a brand that aims to celebrate every occasion in life, be it weddings, festivals or even small beautiful moments that are usually overlooked by us. Hence ‘New Beginnings’ with Virat Kohli, the brand ambassador for Manyavar, inspires us to celebrate life and savour every moment!

Looking dashing in a red kurta, Virat talks about wearing a kurta to make his moments special, like making a cup of tea for the first time. Though the first tea may not be up to the mark, wearing a kurta definitely makes the occasion memorable.

Manyavar is one of the best retail brands when it comes to celebrations, the ethnic way. They have evolved as per the fashion trends and offer customers ethnic wear for every occasion in their lives. Through this campaign, Manyavar aims to bring back the charm of good old days when every new occasion brimmed with excitement, little moments left us speechless. The brand attempts to keep tradition alive and re-stablish connect with Indian culture by initiating the concept of a new beginning in a kurta.

Speaking at the launch of campaign Mrs. Shilpi Modi, Director, Manyavar said, “True to our spirit this campaign is about rejoicing every moment in our lives –bringing back the joy and excitement of living that we often miss out in today’s busy times. It is also an attempt to inspire youth to rediscover themselves and reconnect with their traditions. A kurta symbolizes positivity and celebration that is the essence of our culture.”

Manyavar has over 400+ stores across the Country. This new campaign consists of different creatives showcasing the new colors and latest designs created exclusively for this wedding season.