Neeldavid’s on expansion mode



Neeldavids`s salon of hair & beauty was established in, 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Salon was the brain child of Mr. Neeldavid Katwal renowned hairstylist/makeup artist of Nepal. Mr. Neeldavid is an internationally certified hairstylist and makep artist.  He speaks to Abhijit Ganguly on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Neeldavids unisex salon @ 24Northen Avenue, Kolkata.
Did you always wanted to be a hairstylist?

No! I never dreamt to be a hair stylist. I would say it was a God ‘s gift! I was fashion designer student in Delhi. I studied in IIFT Delhi for around 2 yrs. Once I visited Singapore and saw males who were doing female hair in the salons. I found it interesting and thought of changing my career from fashion designing to hair styling.

My journey was from small village in Jhapa ,Nepal  and my parents were not any interest in fashion and had no knowledge about it. But they supported my decision. And then my God Father, David Vinall, a British citizen, supported me to be a hair stylist. That’s how my journey began.
What is going to be unique at Neeldavid  Salon?


NEEL DAVID’S Salon is a mixture of eastern and western styles.  I have studied in different institutions such as Delhi, Thailand, Singapore and even trained under Christine Blundel Oscar Award Winning makeup artist from Hollywood. I also underwent training with Toni and Guy ( London ) which is considered to be the premier institution regarding creative hairstyle .Our style is quite different where we just not simply cut the hair we consult with our clients and try to meet their expectation. We create hair style according to professional personality and face cut .We implicit our creation in salon as I create different style like fringe 90 degree cut, lift up slice cut, tricky bounce cut,raxo cut, hicoltec colour. This all how I create and trained my students and my stylist as a result our style are different than others. So we are the talk of town and in the heart of youngsters
You have been into this industry for years now. How have trends evolved over the years?


It’s been around 15 yrs now. The scenario has changed. Earlier, only female wanted to look beautiful and were going beauty parlour while males used to visit just salon for haircuts and colour

But now male are being more conscious. They are doing facial, manicure, pedicure, threading, bleach and even makeup in party and wedding. Male have become more conscious about hair and skin as well style they do.

When I enter in Kathmandu, I see a huge change. Earlier people used to do fashion but were not conscious about their hair style and hair care but today people are being more aware of their hair style. Salons are rapidly growing. Few qualified stylists who are having good knowledge and experience are opening salons. But still lots salons are opening just for the sake of investment.  They are investing money without any basic knowledge of hair and skin which is harmful to customers and beauty industry .Government should take the action and check all qualified certificates and license.
Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing hair?


Once a Nepali lady who is based in London wanted to have hair styling from me. She was waiting for an appointment for nearly 2 months. Finally we managed and she came to my salon. She was so afraid and nervous to be in front of me. She said she was literally shaking and cannot trust. Me. After I did the hair cut my appointment was 1500 and she gave 20000 and we refused. She refused to take the money as she felt her dream came true – to have a hair style with me. Finally we didn’t take the money but also she forcefully gave 8000 rupee that’s she was pleased with me and our service.

What are the essential hair care tips you have for our readers?

Hair tips depend upon season and hair types so it’s difficult to explain in one category but Hair needs regular wash to keep healthy but not regular using shampoo. 3 times in a week is better and can wash other days with clean water

If hair is dry damage fizzy, use conditioner 3 times in a week after shampoo apply conditioner and leave 5 mins and rinse it …it help to make hair healthy silky and shine

Once a week hair spa in salon in best due to lots humidity, now day’s hair can easily absorb dust and dirt.


Your views on future expansions?

We are currently running 4 salons and 1 academy 1 makeup studio in Kathmandu and 6 salons in other part of Nepal and India –Siliguri, Darjeeling, Durgapur, Bakaro, Jharkhand and Kolkata and one Neeldavids Academy in Siliguri .We have opened franchise but we are just giving for selected only so within 2020 we hope to expand all major city in India and Nepal.