Need for efforts to mainstream the Indian deaf community

Mijo Jose

India has about 7 crores deaf people. Yet, little is being done for education, employment, and rights of this huge population. The public has little or no information about deafness As a diverse country with many regional dialects, India has struggled to adopt an official, standardized sign language, Further challenging the culture is the social and religious barriers that often directly or indirectly oppress the deaf.

Recently, 5th India Deaf Expo Kolkata 2017 an international conference innovation technologies, sign language, film festival & culture awareness and education for the deafness  was held at the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (Ezcc), kolkata. We spoke with Mijo Jose an aspiring filmmaker whose film was screened and won award.

How did you first become interested in filmmaking?

It’s been recently that I got interested in film making. I received 3 awards in Coimbatore in 2015 and also 4 awards in Banglore in 2016.


What do you hope people would take away after watching your film?

I hope it will boost the urge for communicating with standard sign language in the social system in India.

What would you like to see in the future in terms of D/deaf people in media/film industry?

There should be more films which would bring about a strong emotion of self-confidence and belief among deaf people. The deaf community is not asking for any special favours, but wants the government and society at large to accept them as they are.