Nano Crush – A new frontier in stenting method


‘Nano Crush’ – a breakthrough technique for stenting of branching arteries – is developed by a team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur in Kolkata that has redefined the frontier of stenting methods in interventional cardiology. The technique has also been accepted at the prestigious European Bifurcation Society meet held in Rotterdam recently. The team is led by Dr Shuvanan Ray, Chief of Cardiology and his team, comprising Dr Prithwiraj Bhattacharya, Dr Priyam Mukherjee, Dr Siddhartha Bandhopadhya and Dr. Suman Karmakar.

The treatment of stenosis (abnormal narrowing) at the branching points of arteries is a major challenge for Interventional Cardiologists. Stents placed at such points often compromise one of the branches. The ‘Nano Crush’ technique is reportedly an easy and effective method of stenting the branching arteries as it does not affect blood flow in any of the branches and offers a long term solution.

Explaining what led to the innovation, Dr Shuvanan Ray said, “The classical crush stenting technique is time consuming, difficult, technically demanding and at times leads to incomplete revascularization. This triggered the thought of developing a new and effective technique with lesser adverse events.”

The Nano Crush technique ensures minimal protrusion of Side Branch Stent as well as complete cover of the SB Ostium which can be performed by an interventional cardiologist with ease. The technique has shown promising results when tested on a sample size of 70 patients. The clinical outcome for MACE (Major Adverse Cardiac Events) was recorded in less than 5%.

Speaking further on this technique, Dr Ray added, “Going by the impressive outcome, the Nano Crush method may be applied widely among patients with stenosis at branching points of arteries. This technique ensures minimal metal load with immediate and long term results. It is an improvement over 2 stent technique of bifurcation which is difficult and cannot be performed in all patients.”

Mr Samir Singh, Zonal Director, Fortis Healthcare, said, “The new & unique technique developed at our hospital under Dr Shuvanan Ray and his team will help clinicians globally. Our clinicians continue to innovate techniques that are universally recognised for enhanced clinical results and consequent better patient care. We are honoured & proud for the international recognition bestowed on this innovative technique of stenting.”