Namrata makes her presence felt at the India Junior/Youth Selection Trials


Namrata De is a fourteen-year-old shooter from Kolkata. She recently participated in the India Junior/Youth Selection Trials in New Delhi. She bagged a gold medal in the Junior category, and clinched a silver medal in the Youth category.An exclusive interaction with Namrata De.

What do you like most about  shooting?

When I joined shooting as my extra sports coaching classes in my school, I didn’t have any idea about the sport. I don’t like outdoor games much so gradually I found interest in the game because it’s all about being calm and composed which suits my personality.

What was the feeling like when you won  the  medal?

I was very happy to win the medal because it was my first national final, also it was a very good experience for me.

What keeps you going and motivates you to do better?

When I won the inter school Championship for my school, The NTS,  I was very happy and it really inspired me to take this sport more seriously. Since then, my  challenge to improve my score every day kept me going.

Young talent is emerging in the sport of professional shooting. Any particular shooter you admire?

Yes, I have seen Mehuli Didi and Abhinabh very closely and they are doing very good at international and national level within a very short span of time.


What do you think has been Joydeep Karmakar’s role in the emergence of a bold generation of teenaged shooters?

JKSA has an excellent facility and very good coaches like Boom Sir, Monojit Sir, Rupam Sir who takes very good care of young shooters. They train us under the guidance of Joydeep Sir. Since this was my first final in the National level,Joydeep Sir was continuously communicating with me, which gave  me a lot of confidence to face the finals.

Now that you have won the medal, what would you like to achieve as you get more experience?

At this stage my first priority is to perform well in the upcoming competitions and trials.