Myths and Misconceptions about skin problems addressed

Skin is the most visible organ of the human body. On the Other hand, it is, in a sense, a passport for social interactions. So, the effects of skin disease like psoriasis, atopic Dermatitis or Eczema, vitiligo whether acute or chronic,are more visible than the diseases of other organs. In case of chronic skin diseases due to long term effect to the exposed areas of the body are more psychological, due to social ostracism, which can be malignant enough to induce suicidal tendencies. So, inspite of being physically benign the approach and treatment of the condition is not based on the physical prognosis of the disease but also on the psychological, social and occupational implications.

The most common chronic skin conditions, which lead to significant compromise in Dermatological quality of life index (QOL) and depression in most of the patients in our part of the world, have vitiligo and eczema. These conditions,in spite of being physically benign,in most cases have tremendous psychological and social impact.

Unfortunately, there is an extreme lack of awareness and prejudice which is compounded by myths and misconceptions, which in most cases either pushes the patient to hide their condition or to seek unconventional remedies. This in fact delays the initiation of proper treatment leading to significant derangement of overall prognosis.

In fact from our vast experience, it is observed that the children patients of these chronic skin diseases are the most sufferers of these social hazards even in schools and other acting places. In cases of adults the pictures ate same, the Eczema patient hides himself in social programs due to lack of confidence. The families of the patients are not also out from the pictures. Actually the people are too aware to skin diseases that they think most of the dermatological diseases are infectious which is not true.

The only ways to address and solve these issues are education of the society on a mass level. This cannot be achieved by any one individual but must be done by combined effort of the medical fraternity, media, social workers and the government.

We cannot treat this condition by drugs alone unless we educate council and induce changes in the outlook and prejudices of the society.

Indian Society for Paediatric Dermatology (ISPD) is the organization of dermatologists who work on children’s’ skin diseases work all over India and additionally create public awareness. The theme of  today’s program- ‘ truth behind the Myths and Mis concepts on skin problems’ held on Kalamandir, Kolkata is a small but important step towards  creating awareness among public directly and also with the help of the Media.  DR. Sandipan Dhar, president of ISPD and a renowned Paediatric Dermatologist of the Country having international name & fame along with DR. Raghubir Banerjee, and DR. Rajib Malakar, two renowned Dermatologists of the city address the press and present to people their thoughts on the subject with scientific demonstration and logical explanation of the actual reasons and solutions of the skin problems.