Must-Have Privacy & Security Apps for New Google¹s Pixel Phone


Google¹s new Pixel phone is a step into the direction of high-end hardware and holistic user experience. As some experts call, it ³Pixel is the only real option for people who want to enjoy Android in its finest form.²  Among other things, the new phone offers 24/7 support and unlimited full-resolution photo backups to Google Photos, and even includes Google¹s own wireless service, Project Fi.

All the brand new features, however, will not protect the Pixel phone from increasingly frequent security threats: each user should be cautious and take necessary precaution in order to protect their valuable data, passwords or any sensitive online transactions. A new smartphone is also an attractive one-stop location for hackers, who¹d like to access all the important information: personal bank account data, credit card passwords, name, address, social media accounts and so on.

What happens when someone¹s personal information is stolen? According to Javelin Strategy & Research firm, one out of three times it¹s used for identity theft. When someone’s identity is stolen, their money could be taken off their checking account or credit card at any time. Worst of all, most victims of identity theft are left to take care of the debts incurred, and to deal with a ruined credit.

It¹s no coincidence that privacy and security apps have been rising in popularity among smartphone users. Here are security boosting tools for the Pixel phone:

Secure Messaging Apps. In order to communicate safely on a smartphone, Tor Messenger  is a convenient solution. Tor Messenger is launched by Tor Project creators, who offer the world¹s most popular encrypted Internet browser, synonymous with  ³the dark web.² Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat app that is secure by default and sends all messages over Tor Network. The app supports a good number of transport networks, such as IRC, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Yahoo, and others, and enables Off-The-Record (OTR) messaging – a safe and encrypted way to have private conversations – over Tor¹s network of computers for greater anonymity.  Signal is an encrypted messaging and voice calling app that provides end-to-end encryption to secure all communications. The app can also verify the identity of people one is messaging with and the integrity of the channel they are using. When texting with non-Signal users, one has an option to invite them to an encrypted conversation via Signal.

Password Security apps. It¹s always advised to change passwords in order to stay safe online, and that means having to use a unique password for each site or account. Those who work in teams, often experience a password issue: there are just too many passwords to remember for all the accounts, and it might feel like a full time job to keep every account secure. As a result, many people keep the same password for almost everything. 1Password for Teams (from the makers of the original 1Password) lets an entire team securely log in with only one single password, as the app remembers all the real passwords. The data is encrypted before any information leaves a device. A new product is 1Password for Families that allows a family to share passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information. The app remembers everything, keeps the information safe and signs one into their favorite sites with one click.

Internet encryption Apps. Those who aim to keep all their online activity private,  should get a VPN for their phone. A VPN creates a connection tunnel that automatically encrypts all the data coming in and out of a device, secures the Internet traffic, and effectively protects anyone using the Internet. NordVPN (Virtual Private Network provider), which has a reputation of offering a military-grade protection, is fast and easy to use. The developers at NordVPN have launched a powerful new app for Android that is also intuitive and good-looking. The new Android app re-routes and encrypts all Internet traffic making the connection private and secured.

Email Security Apps. my Secure Mail is a universal email client for Android to manage unlimited number of mail accounts from various providers. All your email will be in one place, and protected by encryption: the app offers encryption of sent emails, as well as password-protected signing, encryption and decryption of emails.

Android data security apps. Applock, an Android app, can lock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any other app, preventing unauthorized access and guarding user¹s privacy.

These are just a few of the many powerful new apps that are being launched to protect private information. They come right on time, as identity theft statistics grow. Each year, almost every person gets affected by at least one hacking attempt, and over a billion of personal records get accessed illegally. This year alone, hackers have broken into accounts of major public figures, such as Mark Zuckerberg, hijacked a computer network of Hillary Clinton¹s campaign, stole $65 million worth of cryptocurrency from a Bitcoin exchange and accessed more than 330,000 cash registers at restaurants, hotels and stores.

If major public figures and companies are vulnerable to attacks, every user must make sure that at least the information that they can control – that is stored on their smartphones – is safe and secure.