Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic


Algology or science of pain management is a new speciality of medicine. It deals all kinds of pain from low back pain, knee pain, slip disc, to terminal pain of cancer patients either alone by algologists (pain specialists) or in association with other specialists. Diagnosis (reason of pain or disease behind pain) is must and treatment of disease is always tried to give long term pain relief. Pain management is not just taking care of pain and controlling the disease, it is treatment of disease also.

Daradia: The pain clinic is a unique pain clinic or pain management centre is the first multidisciplinary Pain Clinic in Kolkata with the facilities of diagnosis, treatment, research and training. This pain clinic provides extensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for management of most kinds of pain. This clinic has a multi-disciplined team dedicated to the management of pain based on comprehensive approach to each patient as individual needs. The patients may suffer from different kinds of acute or chronic pain conditions like HEADACHE, FACIAL PAIN, NECK PAIN, SHOULDER PAIN, LOW BACK PAIN, KNEE PAIN, JOINT PAIN etc. due to variety of diseases like migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, slipped disc, spondylosis, cancer etc. Blends of different modalities like radio-frequency ablation, spinal cord stimulator, Percutaneous Discectomy, vertebroplasty & Ozone Nucleolysis have been used for pain management. help of the traditional yoga, meditation, pranayam is also taken here for treatment.

Daradia is the brain child of DR. Gautam Das, director of the centre. He is a leading Pain Specialist of the country. He introduced many interventional procedures first time in India. His main area of interest is teaching of pain management. Different courses have conducted on pain Management since 2007. Besides Indian, more than 700 doctors from Australia, USA and most European, African, Latin American and Asian countries have joined his courses.

The new unit of Daradia, the 50 bedded Pain Hospital, Daradia Pain Hospital has been inaugurated today at Street No.327, DG Block (New Town) action area 1, New Town Kolkata. With great pleasure, it is being announced that such big super specialty Hospital only for pain is unique and 1st time in the world. DR. Gautam Das has said that for servicing more people much better as before, this pain hospital has been introduced. Besides all types of conventional and traditional present treatments, some unique machines and methods will be used in this Hospital. One of them is Radio-frequency generators (all 3 different types of machines only at Daradia in India), each machine cost 10-20 lakhs. These are used for different types of spinal pain, knee pain, headache, trigeminal neuralgia etc. Again, Spinal endoscope (1 epiduroscope, 1 foraminoscope) for spinal pain diagnosis & minimally invasive surgeries & interventions is available only here in Eastern India. “Percutaneous disc dekompressor”(this instrument was used first time in India by Daradia in 2006) and Spinal cord stimulator (a type of spinal pace make, was used first time in 2007 by Daradia in Eastern India) are the other two instrument. Percutaneous Nucleotomy (DR. Das has done in India since 2006) and Pecutaneous Vertebropaslty, the two unique methods of pain Management are also available in Hospital.

Shri Maloy Ghatak, Honourable Minister in Charge, Department of Judicial & Law, Labour & ESI, Government of West Bengal, Shri Debashis Sen, CMD WBHIDCO LTD., Shri  Subrata Bhattacharya and Shri  Shishir Ghosh, Veteran Footballers of the country have been present as special guests of Honour in the Inaugural Program. DR. Basabjit Das, of UK, Dr. Abdi Salahadin of USA and other eleven legendary faculties of various countries along with 25 doctors of Bangladesh will also grace the occasion by their august presence.