Mobiistar aims to be among the top 5 smartphone brand in the sub 10k segment

Carl Ngo, Co-Founder and CEO, Mobiistar, India and Global
These days  consumers are more willing to take selfies when with family and friends. Many of them claim that the biggest issue they face while taking a selfie is the difficulty in fitting all people in one frame. Mobiistar ‘s new range of smartphones will empower users to capture super fine selfies and group selfies giving them opportunities to shine brighter.
 International smartphone brand Mobiistar,announced its entry into West Bengal’s offline market, bringing a range of 5 selfie centric smartphones. With its brand promise to ‘Enjoy More’ by bringing uncompromised user experience and taking a step further in offering a great selfie experience at affordable price points, Mobiistar’s new range includes – C1 Lite, C1, C2, E1 Selfie and the X1 Dual. To bolster its operation in West Bengal, Mobiistar is going to partner with 30 distributors and 2000 retailers in West Bengal for its seamless entry to the offline market. The company will also hire over 175 employees and has established 61 service centres across West Bengal to live up to its promise of best in class customer experience. All the devices will be available at stores across the country, from 12th September.
Kolkata is among the few cities in India where Mobiistar will build its stronghold before venturing further. Smartphone penetration is extremely high in Eastern India and it is a big contributor to the smartphone market in India. Mobiistar aims to be among the top 5 smartphone brand in the sub 10k segment by the end of the year.
Mobiistar’s new range is available at extremely attractive prices. The C1 Lite will be available at INR 4,340, C1 at INR 5,400, C2 at INR 6,300, E1 Selfie at INR 8,400 and the X1 Dual at INR 10,500 thus giving consumers smartphones at every price option between the 5k and 11k segment.
Talking about the launch, a very excited, Mr. Carl Ngo Co-founder and CEO of Mobiistar, India and Global said, “While we entered the country in May, we wanted to highlight our strong commitment towards the country by establishing ourselves more deeply into its ecosystem. West Bengal is an extremely important market for us since smartphone penetration is good in this market. Our phones cater to the selfie driven Indian who is also cost conscious thus Mobiistar provides a meaningful user experience with affordability. We want to give our consumers a chance to shine and Enjoy More through our new range and provide them with excellent service quality assuring them end to end convenience. With our new range of selfie centric smartphones, we aim to be a part of the top 5 smartphone brands in the affordable segment by the end of the year.”
Mr. Hardeep Singh Johar, Vice President Sales, North and East, Mobiistar, said, “The smartphone market is extremely dynamic across the country with West Bengal being a large consumer of smartphones and we are certain that our offerings will be well received here. Apart from bringing selfie centric phones which are the demand of the hour, Mobiistar is also catering to all the other necessities like a strong distributor base and service centres for all round consumer convenience and satisfaction. We anticipate great results from this market and are very excited about the launch.”