Mitsu Chavda spreads awareness about Paraplegic Soldiers of Army


Mitsu Chavda, a young female rider is on a pan – India Ride to honour Paraplegic soldiers and their achievements in the field of Sports. She is riding on her Bajaj Avenger bike and her inspiring  initiative called “Ride for soldier: charity and awareness about paraplegic” is for 60 days covering 27 states 20000 kms and 102 cities across India. Recently she was felicitated at the ‘DIGI ABILITY’ Empowering the Differently-Abled  event at Rotary Sadan, Kolkata  organized by the Public Relation Society of India,Kolkata Chapter
Please tell us about your initiative?

In a world , where the children of the 21st century era think about committing suicide , because it is the easiest way out to deal with life’s problems , where stress levels are so high that we find ourselves visiting a counselor or a therapist every now and then or it may be so , that we feel we need to get ourselves enrolled into courses , just to seek out peace and comfort back in our lives .However , there are humans who’s mental power is second to their body strength and they confide in themselves , with a very basic concept -‘pain is temporary, pride is forever!’ . Paraplegia or Quadriplegia is not a disease , its an outcome of the supreme sacrifice for the country . Succumbing to being disabled is a mishap , its not by choice .
You and I might have forgotten how to be happy , but these people , being bound to wheelchairs or even crutches , live by empowering their juniors as well as the other members of the society to do something good for the country , irrespective of being in limelight or wearing a uniform or not.
It is our duty to keep the lantern blazing ahead of times, brightly. It is our duty to take care these people, as they are part of our own.

What was the turning point that made you to take the decision to do a solo motorcycle ride to spread awareness about Paraplegic Soldiers of Army?

In a male dominant society and male dominant sport like biking  if female picks up the challenge, then people’s will give me more attention and hence I will b able to connect almost more people

What has been the reaction like so far?

Everyone is shock to see me doing a pan India ride in such harsh weather.

What do you expect from the ride?

Reach more and more people and educate them about paraplegic soldiers about and their achievements in sports abounded about serving officers too

What do you say to the people who think travelling alone as a female is too dangerous?

It is a state of mind. It’s nothing like girls don’t travel alone. They do. And these days even boys are not safe. So go out and ride  than sitting back at home!

Finally, could you tell us your role model, or any other inspiration you could have?
All armed forces personnel who give their young age for us especially Maj. Gen Razdan and  Gen Cardozo.