Milestone-based learning for students to enable them to get practical exposure


Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), an acknowledged national resource Institute for Entrepreneurship Education, Research, Training and Institution Building, has enabled over 400 of its students to become successful entrepreneurs and social change leaders.

EDII’s unique two years Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE) offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative whereby every student can build their new enterprise step by step while studying at EDII itself. Around 80% of students on completion of their PGDM-BE course have either set up their own enterprise or have joined their family business. Out of 427 students who have passed out of EDII’s PGDM-BE programme since 2008-10 batch, around 337 have either started their own enterprise or have joined their family business. Only the remaining 20% odd alumni of last several years have gone for a service career in the corporate sector or in academics and some for further studies.

Institute’s PGDM-Development Studies offers an opportunity to professionals to become social change leaders. More than 50 students have either been placed at social organizations/enterprises or have become social entrepreneurs in last five years. This course prepares students with the ability to provide entrepreneurial solutions to social problems, livelihoods for rural and urban poor, corporate social responsibility initiatives and creating social enterprises.

Explaining the design of PGDM-DS course, Dr. Manoj Mishra, Acting PGP Chairperson, EDII said, “The blend of students from varied backgrounds such as Humanities, Commerce, Science, Engineering and Business Management broadens the spectrum of EDII and offers opportunities to professionals joining the course to be social change leaders. Our focus on grooming leaders for the development sector with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship, rural marketing and technological options for sustainable development is bound to have a definite and powerful impact on the growth and development of the nation in the coming years.”

Explaining the milestone-based learning initiative offered by the Institute in PGDM-BE course, Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director at EDII said, “Milestone-based learning is introduced for students to enable them to get practical exposure to every minute step that is required to set up a new business even while they are pursuing their studies at EDII. Right from ideating, preparing a business plan, to how to form and register a new company and then how to start running this enterprise and managing various functions of marketing, finance, product/service development, etc. EDI also provides seed funding to successful milestone bonus point achievers for setting up their new venture.”

Milestone-based learning enables students to achieve stepping stones in their entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Mishra explained. “These defined milestones will provide a momentum to get involved into various aspects of their family business or new enterprise creation by taking consistent small steps to achieve their goals,” he said.