Meraki Sport and Entertainment to manage Pankaj Advani commercial engagements.

Bangalore :On the back of the Asian Six-Red Title and the historical significance of the title, Pankaj Advani today announced that the newly established Meraki Sport and Entertainment will be managing all his commercial engagements. With 15 World Titles, Pankaj Advani has been making news through the years and hopes that this association will amplify his current brand value.
Formed in 2015, Meraki Sport and Entertainment will manage Pankaj under the company’s Talent Management vertical, which aims to drive synergies with the values of the athlete and the ethos of a Brand.  Commenting on the company’s philosophy and on the partnership, Ajit Ravindran, Co-Founder and CEO of Meraki Sport and Entertainment said “We believe that Pankaj’s standing in Indian and World sport is one of unparalleled excellence and professionalism that can inspire an entire generation.  Our aim is to build brand ‘Pankaj’ on values intrinsic to his journey reflecting resilience, hard work, focus, panache and consistency. We are very pleased and honored to welcome him to the Meraki family.”