“MERAKI” an intimate living experience in a serene and scenic environment

Purti Realty takes immense pride in introducing  Meraki, the epitome of luxurious weekend homes, complemented by a  beautiful virgin lake, lush green landscape and a tranquil and peaceful environment. Spread across a vast area, the Palatial Meraki is located on the Durgapur Expressway, an hour’s drive from the city of Kolkata. Meraki offers patrons an opportunity to enjoy a private and intimate living experience, away from the hectic schedule of the city life.

The open terraces of the paddy fields, the comforting tree lined borders, the textures and colors of the mustard fields adds to the myriad, scintillating attributes of the site. The rustic setting and the calming waters of the Purti lake sets the perfect tone for relaxation and rejuvenation, creating a life time of everlasting joyful memories for guests.

With 75 luxurious villas of four and six bedrooms,  a private plunge pool and a manicured landscaped garden in each, the elegantly designed villas are completely vastu compliant  and a dream come true for experiencing the ultimate luxury. Provisions  have also been made for  the patrons and their guests to enjoy additional parking spaces at events and important occasions.The property enjoys its space with one of the renowned iconic five-star resort properties of the world, known for its opulence and marvelous services.

Meraki is a perfect blend of the traditional culture with contemporary hospitality and this is truly reflected in it’s architectural concept as well as interior designs. The master planning inspiration for the project is taken from the Pukurs or the villages around the water bodies that form the experience of waterside living for the people in the region. The design revolves around the internal lake experience for both the hotel and the luxury villas which weave poetic moments of discovery, inviting guests to explore the uniquely curated property  and experience it.

The lake edge celebrates the Pukur in a contemporary way: guests and residents can access the lake through a series of ghats – steps down to the water, to promote celebration and interaction with the lake. The need for sustainable drainage strategies is addressed through the use of lawn swales that will collect the water and direct it to a series of rain gardens to treat it before dispensing back into the lake where it can be used for irrigation or other purposes.

WATG, the architectural heads behind  this project are the world’s leading integrated design firms with 73 years of history. With their interior design firm, Wimberly interiors, the company has been offering integrated design services comprising strategy, planning, architecture, landscape, and interiors for urban, tourism and resort destinations.WATG in 2017 has designed over 240 projects in 52 countries on four continents on behalf of distinguished brands such as Bellagio, St Regis, Hard Rock, Nobu, Six Senses, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Ritz-Carlton, Viceroy, Belmond, Rosewood and Hyatt.

 Meraki is built on the unique concept of the “Old meets New” by WATG.  It takes the guests through a journey of time through their designs. The vision is inspired by the Caravan Serai, an abode, where the travellers from the old times relaxed & spent time around the courtyards , ghats and the water bodies.The  rustic stone walls and green terraces invoke the past and this is further complemented by the introduction of artistic box forms as representation of the new. These artistic forms are inspired with patterns of local arts and crafts, creating a subtle dichotomy of the Old and the New.

The grand entrance of Meraki  evokes a sense of exploration, as the guests make their way through a dense tropical forest, as they travel along the road shaded by large trees and vegetation. The colorful hues in the flora and and fauna, the serene waters and the magnificent structure soothes your nerves and lets you escape into a world of an unforgettable stay at Meraki. Be enamored by a world of extravagance and enjoy an unmatched experience of solitude and ultimate luxury.  Reconnect with the elements of nature to relax, rejuvenate and create your very own perfect paradise on earth.