Medical professionals, care givers along with patients walks on the ramp

Empowerment of women also means empowerment of the community. From grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance. Everyone has a part to play-all the time, everywhere. CK Birla Hospitals- CMRI observed International Woman’s Day through our unique gender equivalence and diversity focusing on the “Spirit of Life” which is inspired from this year’s theme #Balance for Better. To unwind this celebration the hospital organised a fashion show where Medical professionals, care givers along patients walked the ramp to celebrate the spirit of life.


CKBH-CMRI, strongly believes that given the number of women colleagues they have; every day is Women’s Day. Women should have the absolute and inalienable right to define themselves. In their own terms and in their own languages, and to be able to express their identity and perspectives without fear of consequences or retributions. However, the social inequalities are still stark, and they are consistently working everyday to achieve that fair balance in every aspect. Therefore, observing women’s day is a mark of respect to the generations of women who ensured that all women of present generation enjoy the rights that they have today.

CMRI, also aspires to engage the communities and work for it to press for progress on gender equality. It believes that women will only have the true equality when the society could break down these rigid expectations around gender and create more room for everyone. Getting rid of the norms that cause gendered violence, pay inequality, the devaluing of caregiving work and parenting and inequalities in the leadership roles – just to name a few outcomes – would change our world for the better, and help to achieve a gender balance in every sphere of life.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bobby Verghese, unit Head CMRI, states “The road to true equality is still a long way to go, but our efforts towards achieving that should never stop. At CK Birla Hospitals – CMRI, we celebrate gender equality in every sense through our constant endeavour in bringing equivalent opportunities to all our employees where men and women uplift each other through continuous cooperation. We have formulated strong policies for developing and enriching our organisation to achieve success where women leaders have ruled from the front to attain greater success. We take pride in fighting off all the socio-cultural roadblocks while creating a healthy ecosystem for both men and women where they can thrive at their own pace.”