Married divas

Audition of Beauty Pageant AR Mrs India India 2019 competition was organized today at Hotel The Park, Kolkata. Competitors involved in entire Kolkata were auditioned in the supervision of AR Entertainment Group.


Among the selectors who rated this audition, Alok Narula (Television Actor), Nivedita Basu (Indian Television Producer Founder of First Step CEO-AR Entertainment Group), Inderjit Chakraborty (Indian Film Director and Writer), June Malia (Bengali Actress), Saheb Bhattacharjee (Indian Bengali Film Actor) and Priyamvada Kant (Indian Actress and Dancer) All famous personalities and celebrities of the fashion world are present.


The first round was the introductory round in which all the participants had to show up on the ramp, and with their introduction, the answer to the questions of the selectors was also to be given. The second round was the Talent Round in which participants had their dancing singing or the talent of acting was to be shown in which the Contestant showed his talent in Dancing and Singing, which attracted the mind of the selectors who took the auditions. In the third round, the Contestant had to answer the questions asked by the selectors, in which a kind of question was reached from the Contestant, whose participants responded with a lot of silence, their enthusiasm and Confidence were worth seeing.


The organizer of this competition, Ashish Roy (Owner of AR Entertainment Group), said that all the beautiful and talented and promising talents will use the platform as a door to enter the world of glamour and admirers. Attracting can attract fame. And this show will be held in the grand finale at Mumbai’s Five Star.