Making a difference to the lives of many through teaching painting

Art Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts

This is the story of  an artist who carved his own road out of a remote village in West Bengal , to one day find himself being rewarded Gold Medal for his painting. His  paintings are mostly based on keen observations. He is is seeking to make a difference to the lives of many others from rural village by teaching them painting. He is Abhijit Ray Choudhuri. Teaching is profession and painting an intense passion for him.

Kolkata  has a rich art culture, yet, despite being the centre of art activities and being home to many renowned artists and galleries, somehow it lacks a fraternity that appreciates and promotes underground talent.

“The youths from rural village  carry a lot of dreams in their eyes. Dreams bigger than the resources they have. We make sure their dreams never die” Abhijit added.

Abhijit Ray Chaudhuri

Abhijit Ray Choudhuri (Gold Medalist) was born at Banior, P.S. Nalhati district of Birbhum. Late Sri Tridobe Bay Choudhuri and Snit. Namita Ray Choudhuri whose blessings and encouragement has made Mr. Ray Choudhuri to take vow painting as teaching profession. Sri Kazilal Siddiqu was his first painting teacher. Matriculation from Banior A. K. High School, H.S from Nalhati Hariprasad School and completed degree from Nalhati Hiralal Bhakat College. Continued studies from Jadavpur and Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan. At first he was a general secretary of College Student union and for twelve years, he was involved with district and state level student politics. Besides, he has given foresight in music, musical sound, recitation, games and all other aspects. After passing from Kala Bhawan in 1994 he joined as a painting teacher in NTPC High School (Farakka). Since 25 years he has been running an international level art related Academy and holding the director post in Academy of Art Universe. He was bestowed and honoured with gold medal and received felicitate from various national and international organizations. He has been continuously doing seminar, workshop and art exhibition in different galleries in various parts of the country.

Abhijit’s painting

Speaking about his work, the artist says, “I have endeavored to present the subtle nuances of the reality of life in its vivid forms but using iconic visual images and harmony in colours and expressions.”