“Lot of hard work, time and ‘paseena’ goes behind each show”


RJ Praveen has been associated with Red FM Kolkata for more than 10 years. He hosts a daily show U-Turn which is aired Monday – Friday, 5pm – 9pm. RJ Praveen also host AraamzadaWeekend aired 6pm – 9pm on Saturday and 10am – 1pm on Sunday. When Praveen flaunts his comic sense and timing, he is an absolute example of ‘expect the unexpected’. With his crazy conversation, he has built an amazing rapport, both with his listeners and the authorities of the city. After watching how his brain works his regular show was named as U-turn! which purely displays ‘Pagalpanthi’. He is the most versatile jock in the business handling a wide range of radio shows. His weekend show Araamzyada is the first stand-up comedy show on radio. He wraps up the week with his jokes and humorous liners on all the happenings of the week. His out of the box and unpredictable conversations will leave you in splits of laughter. RJ Praveen’s Ek Kahaani Aisi Bhi which is the most sought after horror radio show in the country is played across 25 cities and now has been published as a book and might soon be seen on national TV.  Recently RJ Praveen received the excellence award for the ‘RJ of the year’ at Golden Mikes awards 2016. Abhijit ganguly speaks to RJ Praveen about his journey.


Tell us about your journey towards becoming a RJ

13Kms, precisely this was the distance from my house to my New House (Red FM) Took me 20 years and 4 Months to be a Radio jockey. At a very young age when my friends were still thinking of doing MBA, CA, i was busy hosting radio shows for all MBA & CA aspirants who used to stay awake at night.

What is the best thing about being an RJ?

Your relatives would take that extra effort to keep you happy all the time so that you end up appearing in their social functions!!One can certainly feel jealous of the Free Passes with VIP Treatment an RJ gets!!Only RJs truly realise that a good voice does not necessarily mean a good looking face!

It’s a common say that the job of an RJ is pretty easy – it’s just about talking. What are your thoughts

Currently I am thinking of taking a nap! Get to sleep at 12 and wake up at 4.30 am to be on-air at 6. After Morning No. 1…6-11am i spend at least 7-8 hours preparing for the next day’s show.Everyone thinks that Rjing is a very easy job, “bas 5 gahnte toh bolna hai” and when you put the mic in front of them they freeze. It only sounds easy cause we present in such a manner but a lot of hard work, time and ‘paseena’ goes behind each show.

What preparations do you do before your show starts?

Routine stuff like take a shower, put on my clothes and wait for my driver to call that he’s reached at my place to pick me up.Next thing i do is to go online and check what is trending as there has to be a connect between what I talk and people who are listening.I push myself to think a little more to present a very simple topic of discussion with a different / mad / creative treatment on Radio.

How do you think RJ ing has evolved over the years? Do you think that the entry of social media has made connecting with the listeners easy for an RJ?

The way Radio functions today is totally different from the days when i used to listen to it. Earlier it was about taking requests and playing out songs, today we are responsible from patch ups to break ups as well. Rjing in today’s date is the new era of presenting information and the same style and pattern is being followed by many new channels too.

Social media is very strong, for instance Harshali malhotra (Child Actor in the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan) who is just 8 years old has a verified page on facebook which is managed by her and the minimum age to join facebook is 13

From Harshali Malhotra to my dad who is 65, all of them are on facebook and other networking platforms. Try saying something wrong on radio and listeners would troll you till eternity. So it has definitely got the world closer and made it more transparent….now my listeners can see me and interact with me on social media everyday.

How has being an RJ changed you as a person?

I wish i could show a before after pic cause there’s a lot of change…from an introvert to a complete extrovert, from being a very conservative person to a prankster & most importantly…from someone whose opinion hardly mattered to someone who can set the trend and change people’s opinion!

 Five qualities that an RJ should have

  • Sense of Humour
  • Presence of mind
  • Aware and well read
  • Friends outside office..Social life
  • Yet to figure more about it