Little Millennium ‘s ‘Seven Petal’ approach ensures the holistic development of every child

With Preschool education segment in India poised to register an exponential growth, Little Millennium, one of the frontrunners and pioneers in Preschool education, today announced their expansion plans to further strengthen its presence in Kolkata. This announcement was made by Mr Raman Bajaj, Chief Executive Officer, Little Millennium Education Pvt. Ltd., at a press conference today in Kolkata.


Little Millennium is synonymous with high quality preschool educationhaving in-depth expertise in early childhood curriculum, strong values, high-quality child- friendly infrastructure, robust systems and processes backed by a talented passionate team.


Speaking on the growth plans for Little Millennium, Mr Raman Bajaj Chief Executive Officer,Little Millennium Education Pvt. Ltd.remarked, “The Preschool educationsegment in India is poised for huge growth as parents are becoming highly aware and conscious about the benefits of early childhood education and the decisive role it plays in the development of skills and learning styles for all children. Little Millennium has carved a niche for itself with a strong focus on essential pillars of education such as structured curriculum, quality, teacher training and child centric educational infrastructure,to take the next leap in making our brand more visible, vibrant and inclusive. The preschool industry is registering a healthy growth rate of over 20% year-on-year and which is pegged to touch Rs. 25,000 croreby year 2020 (Source: FourS Research). We currently operate 600 preschool centres across 100 cities and have plans to reach 1000 centres by the year 2020. We operate through a franchise model that allows us to partner with like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs who want to start a preschool of their own. This partnership approach allows us to scale up our operations quickly and take the benefits of high quality preschool education to parents all over the country.”


Elaborating on the growth and expansion plans for Kolkata, Mr. Bajaj said, “Kolkata has been a seat of modern education, art and culture in India since the British era.  Education in Kolkata has an illustrious tradition that is inherent in the city’s history ever since British times. Not only academic luminaries, but poets, painters, educationalists, filmmakers, and writers from this Eastern metropolis have historically glorified the name of Kolkata nationally and at international platforms.We strongly believe it is a very culturally rich state and laying strong foundation in education is therefore very well understood by people living here. Hence, we intend partnering with passionate entrepreneurs with high business acumen who would offer high quality and best-in-class services. Today we operate22 centres in Kolkata and 80+ centres in Eastern India. We intend taking our number of centres in Kolkata to 50 in the coming year as we foresee a huge demand for high quality and affordable preschool education.”


Speaking on the franchise model, Mr. Bajaj explained, “With a minimum investment of anywhere between Rs. 12-20 lacs, one could become an esteemed franchisee of Little Millennium and run a fully fledged Preschool. We offer access to our brand, our award-wining curriculum, round-the-year training support, marketing support and technology support. The teachers have access to detailed lesson plan manuals that cover entire curriculum of over 100,000 pages of teaching IP. Additionally, we conduct hundreds of teacher trainings and parent workshops, which is significant value addition to both teachers and parent communities. This week would be conducting a Entrepreneurship Workshop, Teachers Trainings and Parent Workshops in Kolkata.”


Summarizing the essence of Little Millennium offering, Mr. Bajaj added, our unique ‘Seven Petal’ approach ensures the holistic development of every child, through play activities and collaborative group work. The curriculum and structured pedagogy has been developed meticulously by a highly Research-oriented team. Our curriculum follows the ‘Eclectic Model’that takes the best practices from multiple schools of thought on early childhood, for example: the Montessori method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, Multiple Intelligences approach developed by Howard Gardner, the PlayWaymethod developed by Friedrich Froebel, the Project method created by John Dewey and the Theme Based method. With sound infrastructure, child-friendly ambience, safe & secure environment, every child receives focused personal attention from a team of passionate, qualified teachers.”