Levels the Club offers special offerings on Mother’s Day


Mum has been the word and she has been the world. Our first and forever best girlfriend, the chef who never goes wrong, the stylist who always has one expert tip, our go-to person when happiness goes wrong, the cheerleader for our smallest triumph and that unfailing quiet mentor, Mother is that equator. Every day of the year is about feeling how the world would have been without Mother and there is that one day we can express it as well (though it ain’t enough). Mother’s Day is that one wonder day just to say “Mum, you’re magic.’ Pamper your Mum with some love-some food coupled with care. Check out Mother’s Day Offerings by Levels the Club .

On the Menu Desserts:Pumpkin Brownies and Coconut Brownies & Mocktails: Berry Berry Shake and Flamingo Land

Offers:–  50% discount on total bill and a complimentary mocktail or a dessert to all the mothers