Laughing out loud with by Sorabh Pant



Recently, the Centre Stage Creations organized ‘The Rant of the Pant’ – Stand up Comedy by Sorabh Pant at GD Birla Sabhaghar . Widely touted as one of India’s top comedians, Sorabh is the founder of one of the most popular comedy collectives in the country – East India Comedy (EIC). Sorabh’s brand of humour is one that is entertaining, yet thought provoking in its clever observations of social and political situations. And in his words, his latest show, Rant of the Pant is about “needless ranting with my standard staple of stupidity.”  He outrages about Trump & India, pollution, gay rights, population control, his favourite Indian PMs, Modi, Rahul, other comedians, feminism, suicide, sexism and religion. Pant involves his audience in his stand-up, making it a shared experience for everyone.


Later, the comedian’s book ‘Under Delhi’ was sold at a discounted price at the venue.

“The audience was phenomenal. People here tend to be more aware and well-read, so they get the jokes faster.” Sorabh feels about Kolkata audience

He is so effortless and spontaneous in his performance that you hardly feel he is performing. He just seems to be interacting with people and picking jokes from real life scenarios.


Pic  courtesy :Amlan Biswas