Largest business group from China to visit Bengal



A 22-member business delegation from Shandong province in China would visit West Bengal  on on April 5 for a B2B meeting with their Indian counterparts.

With the third largest provincial GDP in China, which is about 1 trillion US dollars, Shandong  is one of the most prosperous, most developed and most industrialized provinces in China. Hair electronics, Hisense TV, Tsingdao Beer and many other names represent the development of the manufacturing in the province. Moreover, it is a region blessed with advanced agriculture and a host of brand names in agricultural products and agriculture-related industries.

The 15 companies as represented by 22 businessmen in the delegation are among the top businesses in China in their respective fields, namely, fertilizer manufacturing, pesticide manufacturing, agro machinery manufacturing, food processing, storing and packaging, import and export of organic fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats. Of course, some are also associated with plantation production, logistics and e-commerce in the various fields. ) The delegation will be the largest business group from China to visit Bengal, and has the four distinctive features: the first being its target for concrete projects; second, delimited and clear areas for cooperation; third, joint initiative by the government and the businesses; fourth, all being well established companies in China, some among the top ones.

They have chosen East India because of the improved market conditions achieved through efforts by the government and businesses here, and the long-term prospects for huge development as promised by the BCIM Economic Corridor, an initiative that has won support form governments, academics and businesses from all the four countries. And we believe this region of India will soon enter a new epoch for mutually beneficial international cooperation and steady growth, and more Chinese businesses will come.

Chinese consul-general Ma Zhanwu said a new period of trust and co-operation has started between China and Bengal. This has deepened through repeated cultural exchanges and business meets that have been happening over the past one-and-a-half years. The Bengal Global Business Summit saw some participation from Chinese companies, which set the mood for investments.