Lack of trust between doctors and patients a matter of grave concern


1st July, a landmark day for the noblest profession in the world, when India celebrates it as Doctors’ Day in honour of the people’s doctor, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, legendary doctor, leader and humanist. The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry celebrated this day by hosting a stimulating conversation on “Trust-The Currency of Healthcare” at Chamber premises.

Recent times have seen impressive technological strides in healthcare both in India and World over that have ushered in a new form and character to this field. According to Dr. Amit Ghose, Chairperson Emeritus, Health Committee, Bengal Chamber, Healthcare today in India is racing towards top rankers in the world. But at the same time certain unpleasant developments have cropped up in this sector that has badly shaken the people’s trust and faith in medical services and doctors. Where there was once blind faith and respect has now given way to an atmosphere mired with doubts and suspicion. Even aspiring students wishing once to take up this field have now started rethinking alternate career in the wake of recent violence and turbulences. There was a failure in the system that was put forward in the past. There has to be transparency, self regulating system, intervention of paramedics to ease off load from the medical establishments opined Shri Jawhar Sircar, former Culture Secretary, government of India. Patients’s  families should be aware of the costing that has been involved, he added.

In India prevention of diseases and promotion of health should be top priority as a healthy citizenry can help towards a healthy economy. Infrastructure should be improved like clean water, proper sewerage, timely vaccination and proper education. Resource distribution should be increased in health to reduce the gap between rich and poor. The right treatment at right rates should be made available across all patients. “Faith of a patient on a doctor cannot be compared to any other relationship” stated Mr. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Editor, Economic and Political Weekly. Doctor’s day should be a joyous day where genuine trust and respect thrives between the doctors and society members as responsibility lies with both by mutual cooperation.”History of humanity is a history of reason over passion-to work towards a consensus of conflicting views. The medical profession is a very honoured one. People look up to the very name of this profession. So that needs to be kept up, stated Shri. Jawhar Sircar, Former Culture Secretary, Government of India.

“Let’s repose back our trust in our doctors “says Dr. Amit Ghose , Chairperson-Emeritus, Health Committee, the Bengal Chamber.