“Kolkata is blessed with the best weather for TSK 25K run than the other 4 cities”-Hugh Jones

(L to R), Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International, Dr Sanjukta Dutta, Medical Director & Head of Emergency, Fortis Hospitals, Praveen Tripathi, IPS, Dy. Commissioner of Police, South Kolkata, Hugh Jones, Race Director and Prasun Mukherjee, President, West Bengal Athletic Association.

Procam International, promoters of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2016,  has announced their preparedness to host the third edition of the TSK 25K. The 25K Run for Indian Elite Athletes will be flagged off from Red Road (Indira Gandhi Sarani) at 6.30 am, followed by the Amateur runners at 6.35 am, Police Cup Run at 6.50 am, Open 10K Run for the Amateur runners at 7.00 am, Champions with Disability & Senior Citizen Run at 8.15 am and Ananda run by 9 am. All the Races start and finish at the Red Road.

In addition to the traffic advisories issued, TSK25K has also tied-up with Google Maps. With this association, on race day 18th Dec Google maps will indicate the roads closures for the event. It will also offer alternate routes for the benefit of the commuters and people can plan their travel accordingly. On Saturday, 17th December, people in vicinity will get notifications that there will be road closures on Sunday morning due to the event.  As an added feature, Google will also  use its Targeted logic – For eg: If  you are landing in Kolkata on Saturday – You’d get a notice that the event is being held on Sunday and help people who are headed into the areas which could be impacted by the road closures.


An exclusive chat with Hugh Jones, Race Director. TSK 25K-

What are your thoughts about  this years TSK 25K?

Kolkata is blessed with the best weather for TSK 25K run than the other 4 cities. The third edition would of course be bigger and better as each year is better than the previous one and we are getting familiar with the people here. The relationship with the traffic police we have here is an example of how an event should be communicated without any kind of hindrance.

Almost every major Indian city hosts a marathon. From your experience in India do you agree there are more people now than ever who are taking to running in India?

Absolutely agree – and this is a trend that is likely to continue in the medium-long term.

Why more and more companies are encouraging their staff to participate in Marathons?

This is because it is good for their employees’ general well being and also builds a corporate culture of joint endeavor.

Most talented young long-distance runners now come from the underdeveloped world. Can running be used as a tool for social inclusion?

Yes – this has been true for centuries in the ‘developed world’. The sport of distance running offers a channel by which those physically talented can demonstrate their abilities without unnecessary ‘mediation’.

Do you agree running can boost self esteem?

Undoubtedly. And for those whose self esteem is maybe too high it can help rebalance and allow them to find something in common with people in other walks of life.

Today, marathons have a very substantial number of women runners. How do you see this trend?

Inexorably increasing… Since childhood running has for me been a route to personal freedom and expression. I am sure this is a path that everyone – both male but maybe even more emphatically female – will want to tread.

Perhaps the biggest obstacles for runners who are contemplating their first marathon are the many myths and misconceptions that surround marathons for instance running can hurt your knees or ankles. Whats your take on this?

Suck it and see: venture forward, but gently. Yes: knees may be vulnerable points within our anatomy but with a modest training regime all parts of the body can be strengthened. It just has to be an exercise in patience. Too much too soon, too fast: that’s bound to end up with injury.

Should beginners focus on mileage or faster runs?

Mileage – make sure you have the confidence that you can ‘go the distance’. Once you have done so then maybe you can shift emphasis to doing it a little more speedily.