Kolkata gets its New Clutch Story in Orange Saco


Orange Saco by the Magikk Trunk, a new bag brand, launched its collection of various clutches.

With an eye for detail and a passion to take creativity to another level, former hoteliers Jennifer Datta and Smeetha Guha entwined their research, refined taste and personal touch in designing each bag, which tell a new story to embellish the already beautiful  you!

Jennifer and Smeetha have promoted local artisans and Bengal handloom through their work. The create the looks themselves from the scratch. From the handiwork to the assembly of each element, local artisans take care of everything.

The who’s who of Kolkata got a glimpse of six collections of Orange Saco clutches such as:

  1. The Colours range – Made in raw silk and a play with colours, this one is perfect for your day out
  2. The Festive Range – Perfect for your evening get-togethers
  3. Gold Collection- Glitter and sparkle in gold.
  4. Dhakai Collection – This was the show stealer as it captured the ethnic heritage of Bengal to its perfection.
  5. The Black and White Collection – Perfect for the fashionista who believes in basics.
  6. Denim Collection – Perfect for the smart woman of today who loves fusion.

“We have gone back to the roots with our designs and concepts for the clutches. Orange Saco was born out of our love to create clutches which tell a story,” said Smeetha.Jennifer said we have tapped the local artisans to narrate the story of Bengal. “Our Dhakhai collection is the perfect Ode to Bengal,” she added.