#KamproteinCholbeNa : protein awareness movement

Sankalp Potbhare, MD Kraft Heinz India,Sourav Ganguly ,nutritionist Ipsita Chakravarti along with moms from the social experiment

Complan, one of India’s most trusted and iconic brands,  launched the
#KamProteinCholbeNa movement with legendary cricketer and concerned father Sourav Ganguly. A Complan boy himself, Dada has joined the movement which aims to raise protein awareness across India starting with West Bengal.
The movement has a single point agenda that goes beyond the category of health drinks and helps educate mothers about a message that the brand feels strongly about –#KamProteinCholbeNa (#LessProteinWontDo). Protein is one of the most important building blocks for the physical and mental growth of children. As per a recent IMRB survey, 9 out of 10 people in India are protein deficient due to lack of proper understanding of the sources of protein 1.
Complan conducted a unique social experiment where Sourav Ganguly was seen interacting with real mothers from different parts of Kolkata, raising awareness of protein in their children’s diet. At the event, leading nutritionist Ipsita Chakravarti (Chief Dietician, CMRI & General Secretary, IDA) brought alive the experiment with the audience to further spread the message.
Commenting on his association with Complan, Sourav Ganguly said, “As a sportsperson the importance of protein was driven into me repeatedly by my coach. Now as a father, when I look at the competitive world today, I feel right the Protein intake is even more critical to ensure proper physical and mental development of the current generation of kids. Therefore, the message that Complan is aiming to promote is something that resonates with me personally. I would like to share this message with all mothers so they understand the relevance and importance of protein.”
The associated TV campaign educates consumers about the fact that Complan provides the highest protein (per 100gm) among mass marketed MFDs, catering to kids from 5-15 years of age. Each cup of Complan provides nearly 6gm of protein, equal to the amount of protein in a full egg, considered to be one of the richest sources of protein. This is almost double the amount of protein present in each cup of leading brands.
Sankalp Potbhare, Managing Director of Kraft Heinz India said, “The vision of KraftHeinz is to be the best food company, growing a better world. All our brands aim to help make this vision a reality. Complan has created generations of Complan Boys and Complan Girls in the past few decades. It has always strived to provide ‘superior nutrition’ for kids through products that give them vital nutrients for growth. We want to relieve mothers of the constant worry about their child’s nutrition and health by offering them education to make informed food choices while also providing them solutions through our products.”