Jobd, an all-in-one recruitment software, seeks to address all recruitment problems


In the world of permanent recruitment, there are several types of services that one can chose from. Be it taking traditional consultancy services or recruiting through references, job portals, social media, website applications etc. Further one can also chose to go to application tracking system companies that will show them the efficiency of thier cycle, assessment companies that will help one choose the best candidate or background verification companies to ensure the credibility of a candidate. The problem lies in the fact that these are all separate companies, so the HR department of an organisation faces a lot of pressure in melding all these services to find the best process for recruitment. Hence, this becomes an issue and one’s recruitment cycle is never optimized.

Jobd, an all-in-one recruitment software, seeks to address all recruitment problems. All associates, consultants and referral programs can be operated through the software itself. Not only does the software enable you to follow a good process for recruitment but it also melds all the services mentioned above so that the recruitment cycle can be optimized.There are features that will show you how relevant each candidate that applies is. The software has also started treading the path of Artificial Intelligence with their ranking mechanism. This will show an organization’s HR team the best candidates out of the big lot of applications that they receive. One can create personalized tests, if they do not want to avail from the wide variety of Psychometric, Aptitude and specialization tests available for all positions.

Interview scheduling, candidate interaction, background verification and time-bound offer letters can also be processed in the software as a part of the recruitment cycle. An application tracking system enables one to keep a view on the performance of an organizations recruitment. Moreover, it provides a much required relief to the  HR teams by accumulating a detailed factory of candidates that they interact with. In case one requires to connect with them in the future, they do not have to go anywhere else to get in touch with them. There are a lot of small features that will help the recruitment team operate easily through this software. Value added services provide with advanced methodology for recruitment. Jobd will fulfil each of the recruitment team needs.

The most important factor of any software is how easily can users adapt onto it. With Jobd, the recruitment team will require a basic demo at best to understand how to use the software. Even if the company has a team of recruiters in different locations, they will easily be able to operate through the software. The best part – if one want’s any add ons, they can always request the Jobd team to specialise the software.

Vedant Pasari, the co-founder and director at Jobd says “We found each and every problem that companies face in the permanent recruitment space. One by one, we found the solutions to their multifaceted problems. We further ensured that the software should be flexible for HR teams to follow their flow of recruitment. Technology is of no point, if it cannot be used by the people it is meant for and hence we also made sure that is easy to access, understand and use. Our best feature according to me is that we’ve managed to keep a very simple front for all the diverse and complex features that we provide.”