15 people die every day – or one every 96 minutes – from the effects of drinking alcohol.

Today Jain Saints pitched for a ban on liquor across India.At a time when alcohol-related deaths are on the rise, the suggestion to ban alcohol sale in India could prove to be the perfect elixir for the problem.

“Major crimes and accidents are fuelled by alcohol, which also leads to sexual harassment of women and robberies” said Munni kr Maharaj.

“Banning the sale of alcohol is not the solution to curb the problem. It will encourage people to brew illicit liquor. We need to ban the production.” Said Acharya Kamal Muni Kamlesh. He felt it  is the need of the hour that we need to provide better education to the children. He  stressed, “We should make them aware about the physical and psychological consequences of alcohol consumption. Furthermore, media shouldn’t glorify the use of alcohol.”They appeal to all the state governments to take steps for educating the masses and also to implement the prohibition properly. Ineffective implementation of total prohibition in many states has lead to deaths due to spurious liquor and has also contributed to rise of organised crimes.

They also felt laws prescribing educational qualifications for contesting elections should be made.