INIFD ‘s students display their skills

Design is a work of art. It can be described as a fruit of our aesthetic taste and potentialities, serving as a bulwark for the cultural development of our society. Besides enhancing our creativity,design provides an identity, an essence to every work of art. Designing is an amalgamation of science and arts. The look keeps changing, retaining  the products specific function .The most beautiful part of designing is that a single piece of art can be showcased in various innovative ways. This year the interior design students of INIFD   presented style direction and worked with four different styles and concepts. The four different concept were as follows:

Travellers’ art café – The purpose of the café is to make people happy and productive in order to create a peaceful environment .The theme is ‘Vintage Eco’ which portrays  via economically sustainable materials. This style highlights the cultural speciality of a specific place or area and a unique way to promote our rich artforms, heritage and history.

Florist shop – Retail business is an important area for the projection of unique interior design idea. The theme of the Florist shop is “Shabby Chic” which evoke the types of decoration found in large country houses of Great Britain in 80’s .A soft  opulent yet cottage style décor  makes this place aesthetically pleasant and welcoming. Recycling old furniture and fabrics is an important aspect of the look.

Wine Cellar– Wine Cellar is all about storing wine in sprawling mansion, luxury hotels and restaurant even in private apartments and the most common place to locate a wine cellar is the basement area..The design theme of wine cellar is “vintage with the 18thcentury feel” . There is a tasting center within the cellar space consisting of ready to drink wine are stored at waist to eye level whereas wines that requires preservation go higher up or kept in barrels.

Food Truck – Food truck is a moving truck with food items. It is generally self equipped and a self sufficient truck which serves their food items while travelling from one place to another place. The whole thing will be done in “Bohemian style” as it is colorful and full of life. Bohemians are the group of people from central Europe one who is involved in the arts.