Indulge your taste buds this Poila Baisakh with authentic Bengali meal 

Chef and co-owner Ranjan Biswas

The first day of the Bengali New Year or Poila Baishakh is a much awaited event for every Bengali. No occasion in Kolkata is complete without a customary gala meal with loved ones, whether home cooked, or dined out. Indulge your taste buds this Poila Baisakh with authentic Bengali meal at Saptapadi Resturant .

Timeless songs from Uttam-Suchitra films are played in the background when food is served on earthenware cutlery. The wide variety in the menu could make gourmands spoilt for choice. Jhal Muri Crusted Kolkata Bhetki with sour cream,Dab Chingri,Cappucino Mutton Kasha a few fusion delights while Litchi Lanka Drink, Mihidana Payesh,Gandhoraj Caramel Custard and icecream patisapta.


Chef and co-owner Ranjan Biswas said” No one celebrates food like a Bengali does and Poila Baisakh is meaningless without good food. We have lined up a delectable array of Bengali delicacies and taste tickling dessert to make the Bengali New Year a memorable Poila Baisakh. T he aroma of deliciously prepared delicacies adds up the festive mood.”


Make this Poila Baishakh a truly special one with the choicest delicacies of Bengal. They are having a special celebration on 15-16 April 2017.


Pic courtsey :Saptapadi Resturant