Indomitable Suvro : world’s first ‘blade’ cricketer



Kolkata:Suvro Joarder was the captain of his High school cricket team(Jagadbandhu Institution Kolkata). He was declared the best sportsman at his school4 years consecutively. He then went on to play for various renownedclubs including CAB club cricket. He was almost on the verge of getting selected for the Bengal cricket team.They say that destiny is printed
on the palm of hands.

At the age of 21(2008) he had a terrible bike accident. Suvro recounts, ” My right leg had to be amputated. Doctors told me that I have to use crutches throughout the rest of my life.
I was very depressed. It was a big shock for me.”He adds, ” I searched rigorously on the internet to see if there were any solution. I came to know about a UK company Endolite which is a artificial leg manufacturer. Those days there  were no awareness about artificial
limbs here. I coordinated with them and they wanted to know my lifestyle. They suggested a prosthetic limb which would help me.  I practiced walking with it and after one month I was more-less walking normal like before.”
Though they also told him that he couldn’t play cricket. But the very next day onwards  Suvro tried to play cricket. He played with his friends in his locality. Suvro says, “Cricket is my passion and in the beginning, it was very difficult for me,the process was different now.
I used to fall while throwing a ball.Soon within 5/6 months it was getting normal for me.” Around 2010, I came to know about the physically challenged cricket team of Bengal. He went there for trial out. Initially they also said that I won’t be be able to play as my extent
of my disability was very high. He became the first blade cricketer in the world!.

s3Talking about his initial challenges,” . I have to adapt myself . I have change my throwing posture. I can’t bowl like i used to do. I can’t play a few batting shots and I have to invent my own shots”

He adds, “Unfortunately in our country disabled cricket is treated as business here.Indian disabled cricket team is not under Indian board (BCCI).There are three prominent associations in India promoting physically challenged cricket — Mumbai-based AICAPC, Haryana-based PCCAI and Lucknow-based Indian Cricket Federation for Disabled (ICFD).
Unfortunately they dont come together under one umbrella.Several cricket boards have taken physically challenged cricketers under its wing.There is a good support structure for disabled cricket in some other countries. Infrastructure is very poor here. Getting sponsors
hasn’t been a very easy task, though when they travel on tours, the hosts take care of them.”Suvro has played for all the association’s cricket team .He started off with  Ajit Wadekar’s All India Cricket Association for the Physically Challenged (AICAPC),. But he left as they used soft leather balls. Nowhere in the world do they play with that.

Recently, Suvro bought a prosthetic leg from a company named Ottobock. They suggested to him to run and he used their blade for the first time. The trial was carried on him and it was successful. Suvro came to know about the Running Clinic India event organised by  Ottobock. Histrainer was Henrich Popow,Olympic gold medalist in above knee 100 mt.12 participants were chosen from all over India. Suvro was one of them. It was a 3 day training session. Suvro emerged out to be the best student. In the final run , Suvro completed 50 m in 6.5 s with the blade.  It was qualified as Paralympic. As in Paralympic 100m completed in 13 s is taken to be qualified. Somehow without any sponsors he couldn’t pursue it. Recently participated in a TSK run here in Kolkata. It made him the first “blade runner” in the city.

Suvro stills plays with his artificial limb in various cricket tournaments competing with normal cricketers and active in the corporate cricket league. He has earned his reputation with his performance.He looking forward to play CAB tournament this year. Despite being  able to surpass the bodily ineffectiveness to entertain people and represent the country, Suvro still is struggling to get sponsorship. Suvro rues. “Disabled cricketers struggle a lot for
survival. Every time during going for a tournament, I have to think about the expenses which will occur. My love for cricket has helped me overcome a lot of hurdles as well as pain”

Suvro. ” It was mentally very satisfying for me. I hope I would be able to motivate others.”Suvro has a very positive attitude towards life. He  runs a rent-a-car and a car accessories business, also drives and rides bikes. Suvro’s struggle for a normal life was against all odds. His life story is an extraordinary achievement which will inspire many others in India as well as around the world!!