India next recognizes India’s most promising architects, engineers & students with innovative ideas for India’s smart cities and villages



UltraTech Cement, an Aditya Birla Group company awarded stalwarts of the construction industry at the  ‘India Next’ awards evening. India Next is India’s first competition that recognizes ideas by professionals and students from the construction fraternity for smart ideas and solutions that bridge the country’s urban and rural problems by focusing on an improved ‘collective’ future.

ltrIndia Next is a platform under UaTech’s Build Beautiful philosophy that engages future builders of India to make more intelligent use of technology with available people and resources for improved management of the urban and rural landscapes.

A step towards new India, India Next felicitated engineers and architects for their inspiring ideas and solutions towards building a better future. After 6 months of rigorous screening through 400 detailed concept entries by 16 eminent jury members, India Next awarded 17 participants with trophies and citations for coming up with the best ideas that if implemented, can bring a transformation towards societies at large.

Prominent architect David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture along with Mr. K K Maheshwari, Managing Director, UltraTech Cement felicitated the most inspiring ideas that inspire to create a ‘Smart Cities and Villages’.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. K K Maheshwari, Managing Director, and UltraTech Cement said “India is moving towards claiming its rightful place in the world through a series of determined steps. Taking advantage of the vast potential of this country, government is leading initiatives to create infrastructure at par with the world’s best.

This is a story of transformation of the country and its society, through multiple initiatives like better governance, Swacha Bharat Abhiyan, irrigation, water and waste management programs, to name a few – all culminating to a clean andhealthier livelihood for all. The plan to create Smart Cities will make life a real pleasure, and ultimately improve productivity. All of this will lead to an India where the next generation will experience life in a manner dramatically different from what it is today and be the envy of the world.

Ultratech has always partnered in India’s growth story. All the iconic buildings in the country, be it the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Terminal T2 of Mumbai, Metros, etc. have been built with cement and concrete especially formulated by UltraTech to lend elegance and beauty to these marvelous structures.

UltraTech believes in a seamless partnership with all its stakeholders. In line with government’s vision of grand, beautiful and powerful India, UltraTech now seeks to unleash the power of ideas of architects, engineers and students. India Next was designed to give them a platform to showcase their vision of a Smart Society, a Beautiful Society.

We are proud to be part of this journey of India Next while we are galloping ahead building massive roads and bridges, airports and seaports, skyscrapers, small and big houses, all giving life to the dreams of designers, architects and engineers in creating a Beautiful India.”

The award jury for India Next comprised of eminent names like civil engineer, Mahendra Raj, architect Raj Rewal, and senior director of Teri Sanjay Seth among other noted industry stalwarts.

This competition delved upon solutions that traversed diverse socio-economic landscape and was welcomed with open minds by the entire fraternity.