I have tried my best to introduce the young generation to the rich tradition of Assamese folk songs.

(L-R)Samar Dutta of Sony DADC, Madhusmita and Nachiketa Chakraborty

Kolkata : Sony DADC India launched a melodious offering Setu by Madhusmita Bhattacharyya & Nachiketa Chakraborty, a new Bengali studio album,across both physical & digital platforms worldwide. Noted singer Nachiketa Chakraborty and Madhusmita Bhattacharya were present at the Press Club to release the musical venture .

Setu” is a remarkable and melodious musical collaboration of Madhusmita and famous Bengali singer Nachiketa.  The name ‘Setu’  has significance as this name was suggested by singer Nachiketa himself . The name means “bridge” the gap between Bengal and Assam.“Setu” consists of 8 songs in total. It is the first  bilingual album  from the region, consisting of 5 Bengali songs composed by Nachiketa  and sung by Nachiketa and Madhusmita and  3 Assamese songs composed by Mr JateenSarmah, sound engineer and music director from Assam settled in Mumbaiand by talented popular new generation heartthrob music director from Assam Mr PalashGogoi. This album also has 1 song with lyrics penned by senior lyricist of Assam, Sri HirenGohain. The rest of the lyrics are penned by renowned music composer and writer Mr Rajdeep. The interior of this album was done in Mumbai, Kolkatta and Assam. Setu” is a romantic album with two great music directors and incidentally it is  already creating a buzz among the fan base of Madhusmita and Nachiketa.

Madhusmita speaks to Abhijit Ganguly about her musical journey.


Q) Please tell us about the album Setu. What is the USP of this album?

A) The USP of this album is its content which seeks to give the music lovers the taste of pure music is our effort to spread the message of love to mankind and we have tried to heal the cracks and to unite the entire humanity through the common thread of music and offcourse Nechi da is the biggest USP of this album.

Q) Tell us about your childhood. How did you take up music?

A)Music has been an integral part of my life right from my very childhood. The atmosphere at home was really favourable for me to pursue music as my parents were very supportive . I learned music from my mother who used to sing during her college days and my father is a noted lyricist and poet. I got introduced to music at the age of seven and completed my formal training  at the age of 14. i started taking music in a professional manner and started exploring the various genres of it. Finally I went  to mumbai in 2005 and Since then I have been  working as a professional singer in T- Series Company. During this period I have worked in many albums which  contributed greatly in popularizing  Assamese music like Bongeet, songs of Parbati Prasad Barua etc in collaboration with SARAGAMA HMV

Q) Who is your biggest inspiration in playback singing?

A )There are so many inspiring personalities in my life that have offered me inspiration  and helped me in shaping my musical carrier. It is not possible to mention all the  names but I would certainly believe that my approach towards music have changed when I came in contact with great personalities like Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Nechiketa Chakroborty, Dipali Borthakur, Lata Mangeshkar, Anand ji,  and many more.
Q)What has been the most special moment in your musical journey so far?

A ) So far my journey in this music industry has been beautiful and smooth. Right from a very early age, I have come in contact with  many great personalities who have attained the status of a legend. These includes   Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Nechiketa Chakroborty, Anandji Shah and of course Lataji. I have learned the nuances of singing from them and realised that pure music should able to touch man’s soul. They become always been a guiding spirit for me. I consider myself very fortunate to get opportunity to work with them or interacted with them. I always felt that these meetings with these legends have changed my attitude towards music and life and  I am always thankful to God giving me these opportunities.
Q) Any composers today that you respect and would like to work with?

A) There are so many talented and Good music director in the music Industry. It is not easy to mention a particular name.  But i would loved to be work with Mr. Jeet Ganguly. He is one of my favorite music director who is doing amazingly good work even in this competitive market.

Q) Assam has a rich folk culture. Are efforts been taken in reviving many forms of folklore especially among young generation?

A) That’s true Assam has a rich tradition of folk music. All the rituals and customs of Assamese people are connected to nature and agriculture and the music that is produced by it has to be pure and it touches our heart and soul.

I have tried my best to introduce the young generation to the rich tradition of Assamese folk songs. I have tried to incorporate various folk tune and instruments in my songs which are truly indigenous and it bears the fragrance of my land, mountains , and rivers. The new generation must be encouraged to understand their roots and best way to find it is through music.

Q) North East musicians are making waves in Bollywood. How do you see this trend?

A ) North East musicians are making waves in Bollywood. This is a very positive trend as a number of musicians and singers from North East is going good work. There is lot of talent in North East India and they have done great job in television reality shows and Bollywood too. These musicians carry with them the rich tradition of North East music and it adds a new flavour to  Bollywood music. I feel that these musicians should play a major role in introducing the folk songs of the north east to the world. I believe that the soul of Indian music resides in the folk songs and instead of blind imitation of the west we must go back to nature in search of pure Indian musical form.