” I have a lot more to do and so much more to achieve”

Aishwarya Bhattacharya (Kiara)

started learning music when she was 4 years old. She is learning classical music and Rabindrasangeet. She recorded her first album ‘Mon Bhromra’ in 2012 when she was in class 10. Then came a series of albums-‘Goomsum’, ‘Hip Hop Tagore’, ‘Jodi Phirey Ashi’  along with Kumar sanu and Raghab Chatterjee, ‘Prothom Tomaye’ along with Amit Kumar and Rupankar and the latest one is ‘Bolte Chai’ along with Zubeen Garg. She has also done playback singing for many films along with Shaan and Javed Ali. She has released a single on digital platform title “Popo Pie’ which is a major hit on You Tube. Recently, she recorded a duet with Asha Bhosle for a film. Abhijit Ganguly speaks to her about her musical journey.

Q) From recording your first album when you were in Class 10, ,playback singing in films and cutting your private album – you have come a long way. How fulfilling has been your musical journey?

A )To be very honest, on one hand I feel it has been quite fulfilling, but on the other hand I believe I have a lot more to do and so much more to achieve. I still have miles to go before I could actually rest.

Q) Please tell us about the album Bolte Chai. What is the USP of this album?

A) ‘Bolte Chai’ is my 7th album. It has 8 beautifully composed tracks by Kundan Saha and I’m extremely grateful to the two most amazing singers, Zubeen Garg and Kushal Paul, for supporting me in this project. Gautam Sushmit and Surojit Banerjee have written the lyrics. I have 2 solos, 2 duets with Zubeen, and 1 duet with Kushal, then there are 2 solos of Zubeen and 1 of Kushal. These are modern melodious bengali songs, mostly romantics. Through ‘Bolte Chai’, we want to convey that music is never ending, melody is never ending, and songs like these will continue to be composed forever and ever.
These days people are more into commercial categories. People listen to music for peace and relaxation. They have very less time to find the deepest of meanings that are embedded in many songs – old and new. I am not talking about everyone, but many. This album will allow everyone to enjoy the beats, melody, and the simplicity of the lyrics. These songs would have a soothing effect on their ears.

Q) Tell us about your childhood. How did you take up music?

A) I started learning music when I was 4 years old. Earlier it was Rabindrasangeet, and then Classical, which I still continue to learn. In fact, I’ll be giving my 3rd year classical exams this year. My mother was a singer during her time. Not a very famous one (was her dream though), but she had done quite a few shows and recordings. I have got the talent from her. I want to fulfill the dream which she could not. In fact, I have a tattoo on my left arm saying “Music is my life”, so it’s staying with me forever as the first love of my life. I made my debut album when I was in class 10, and from there starts my musical journey. I’ve sung with Kumar Sanu, Raghab Chatterjee, Shaan, Javed Ali, Amit Kumar, Rupankar Bagchi, and now Zubeen Garg and Kushal Paul. There was so much to learn from each of them and singing with them was a truly amazing experience.

Q)Who is your biggest inspiration in playback singing?

A) The world is filled with inspiration. I’m surrounded by it. If I start naming a few then I will do injustice to the others. There’s always something or the other to learn from everyone.

Q) What has been the most special moment in your musical journey so far?

A) There have been many such moments which would forever remain very special to me, but I’d mention this one particular moment which is very very close to my heart. I had a live stage performance, and while I was performing on stage, the people there liked and appreciated my singing so much that they were sending me flowers and gifts during my performance. Seeing this, after I finished, my dad proudly announced that I’m his daughter and that he had never been this proud before. That was the first time I heard him saying something like that. This was a very special moment for me.

Q) Any composers today that you respect and would like to work with?

A) I respect music and everything and everyone related to it. Hence, I respect all it’s makers. I believe each composer has their own uniqueness and we as music lovers should at least respect, if not love, their works. I’d like to work with all types of composers sometime in future. Versatility is a must after all in today’s world.

Q) What are your future projects?

A) I have a number of recordings lined up for playbacks, albums, and singles. This one particular project I’d like to mention is this new album of mine that I’m working on. It has my voice along with Shaan, and the legendary singer Asha Bhonsle. The songs would later be used in films. I’m very much excited and looking forward to the recording with Asha tai. Singing with the legend would really be a dream come true.



PIC : Pradip Bose