“I feel these days relationships are heavily influenced from social media”-Sudeep Nagarkar



Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of six bestselling novels – Few Things Left Unsaid (2011) and That’s the Way We Met (2012), It Started With A Friend Request (2013), Sorry You’re Not My Type (2014) and You’re The Password to my Life and You’re Trending in my Dreams. His 3rd book was listed as the popular Fiction book of 2013 by Amazon. His 4th book was 2nd most popular book in Indian Fiction as per Amazon.Few days back he was nominated in ‘Top 100 influential celebrities of India of 2015’ by Forbes long list.His last book ‘You’re Trending in my Dreams’ debuted at No 1 on bestseller list across all categories in India beating all popular authors.Recently he was present at the launch of his latest book She Swiped Right Into My Heart, at the Elgin Road bookstore STORY, which is also eastern India’s biggest standalone bookstore. Abhijit Ganguly spoke to him .
What inspired you to write She Swiped Right Into My Heart?

Apart from writing books and talking to my fans, I observe the life around me and I have seen how society is yet to absorb the LGBT segment with honor and respect. I wanted to give support and urge the Lesbians, gays, bi and transgenders to come out of their closet, hold their head high and be proud of who they are and enjoy this beautiful life.

There have been authors who have quit their lucrative jobs and taken up writing, full time. How do you see this trend? Can Indian authors afford to pursue writing as a full time career?

Its not as easy as it seems to be. But I feel this is the right time to do so if you are passionate towards writing. One needs to be honest and patient though.

The romance genre is drawing in experienced writers and sometimes successful professionals? What are your thoughts?

I believe everyone has a story. Few bad experiences and many good ones. Once in life, everyone falls in love. No one has ever stayed away from it. So penning down those is no harm!

What is your opinion on present generation’s love and relationships?

Through books, I have always shown the mirror of modern day society and I feel these days relationships are heavily influenced from social media. However, social media is also the reason for break ups! I have seen people ending their relationship fighting over last seen on whatsapp which is a bit strange as for me to sustain in a relationship, you should trust your partner wholeheartedly.

You have emphasized on the LGBT issue in your book. Has there been a change of attitude towards the LGBT community in recent times? Whose role do you see as most critical in a healthy acceptance of LGBT individuals?

All I can say is slowly and steadily we are moving steps in right direction but society is yet to accept them wholeheartedly. We talk about their issues on social media but don’t want them around us as our friend or close ones. I think its time to hug them and realize that they co-exist in the society and our not sinners. If one is comfortable in writing with left hand then its his decision. You cannot force him to write with right hand just because majority does so.

What do you like most and least about being a writer?

Writing is my passion and I love everything about it. Sometimes expectations from readers adds a lot of pressure but even that is fun.

If you were to turn one of your books into a film which one would it be?

I think the latest book ‘She swiped right into my heart’ has a perfect blend of emotions to be adapted as a film.

What are your thoughts on the literary scene now in India?

Its good to see Indian authors dominating the bestseller charts which was rare a decade back. Readership is increasing exponentially in India and probably we are the only country in the world where paperback sales are also increasing every year. It’s a good sign as even youngsters from small towns are picking up English books to read.

In today’s scenario, how easy or tough is it for a young amateur write to get published? What tips would you give to someone who wants to get published?

Its tough for sure. Nothing comes easy and if it does then the value decreases. I hate the word tip. Writers are not waiters who require tips. If someone has passion for writing, just be honest and loyal towards it and success will follow.